Instagram x Fashion Algorithms

In case you were wondering about the latest addition to my everyday routine, well it's Instagram! Was in love with it since the day I first realised what this is all about but couldn't use it because I am a serious Android fan / user. Imagine the maniac digital me hearing the news. Well well well. Stated clearly from the first sec on my twitter here. Stay tuned then at my Instagram profile for everyday bits and bobs.

Featuring: Nike Running shoes gone trekking in Ymittos, Zara yellow zip jacket, Vintage sunglasses by Shop Ermou 112A, Snob lipstick by MAC, Coca Cola for "Niose Tin Kardia Sou"



April Fools

(skirt:zara, top: blanco, bracelets by Chrikou Kou & accessorize, necklace folli follie )

I am so happy about this weather! Everything seems much easier and simple now... April always works very good for me! Started working out again lately that also gives me more power and helps me deal with my everyday job that keeps me seated most of the time.. That evening I was wearing this sheer skirt that it's been my favorite quite a lon time now and the knit top that I got from Blanco and I am dreaming of wearing it on my summer vaccations above a white dress or something. The necklace is from Folli Follie that I saw on this video-play and I couldn't say no!  Also lately I am wearing lots of bracelets some of which a friend of mine, Christina, is making. So if you like any of them feel free to contact me or her on facebook. So bb guys and happy month to everyone!

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