Stelios Koudounaris FW13 @ AXDW

Stelios Koudounaris Fall Winter 2013 that was showcased yesterday at Athens Exclusive Designers Week was absolutely amazing. Stelios Koudounaris more mature than ever created a complete collection remaining true to himself, his style and his faithful fans, me included. A collection that combined fresh Koudounaris and classic one, to one and only perfect show. Layered transparent asymmetrical skirts,  aaethereal dresses, high waisted pants and classic woolen fabrics. What I loved the most though were the chunky knits combined with those amazing transparent fabrics that created a new shape feminine and contemporary at the same time. The color palette was refreshed as well with tones of blue, green and this magnificent burgundy more line a dark magenta. Stelios Koudounaris showed his men line also improved and updated keeping the intellectual style that characterizes his whole fashion presence. Love Stelios Koudounaris! Well done!

As for the maginficent fringed accessories designed by Anna Kremmida I have no words! Still have the saem feeling as with the Summer Collection by Stelios Koudounaris that cooperated with Anna K for the jewellery! Hope to continue to create those amazing stuff those two!



Stelios Koudounaris Men Fall Winter 2012-13



Blue Jeans,White Shirt

Some weeks ago when the sun was shining just for a few hours. Inspired by Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey <3 was wearing those Reign Italia jeans that have become my fav lately and this Friis Company animal print belt (told you friis company has become an ddiction). Both from Shop Ermou Actually, talking about jeans it's the only piece of clothing that I could and I do spend a good deal of money on. You see jeans can be worn in so many diferent styles and be combined with different pieces to create a whole new outfit.Also, I finally got to find at Zara the perfect white blazer that I 've been seacrhing for ages.


PRADA by LG and me in stop motion

Playing around with my cam and my new PRADA by LG and some candies and some mice ears. Heaven! I'm telling you!

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