Stelios Koudounaris Entropia SS2012 @ AXDW

Have told you too many times before how much I admire Stelios Koudounaris and his work! For me he is like Alexander Wang but in a more feminine way and with more complex designs and high quality garments. I have been following his shows since my first AXDW and I can tell you he is so true to his successful style and unique designs. If I was asked to recognize his collection I would and that's one thing that matters so much in fashion nowadays.
What I loved about this collection was the signature harness worn in the back, on the chest or as necklace. Loved it really!
This time Stelios presented a men's line as well. Easy going, freestyle and respecting the body. Nothing extravagant or unwearable. Just perfect design and patron.
One more time Congrats Mr Koudounaris!

Show info: 
MUSIC COMPOSED BY: Manos Antoniades
VOCALS: Demetra Kolla
HAIR: Christos Xidias
BACKSTAGE DIRECTION: Andreas Ioannidis, Antonis Spathas, Notis Pan





Sofroniou Conquistador SS12 @AXDW

So AXDW has officially started and once more it happened to be there... nah! I wanted so badly to be there! First show I didn't watch was Tassos Sofroniou new men line named Conquistador also seen at The Room Service by Ozon Magazine. I mean this didn't watch statement cause I ended up extremely late at the venue so I managed to watch the whole thing from the wide screens at the entrance! Having met Tassos Sofroniou  up close I can tell you he is such a sweetheart and lovely! Tassos Sofroniou knows how to style and he proves it every single time on the catwalk, on the editorials he styles and every time he talks about fashion.What I managed to see this time was a combination of good styling and great taste. And I loved the accessories and the male models as well... Miam miam....You can check Tassos Sofroniou Conquistador line up close at Ratt at Kolonaki, Detroit Kifissia and purchase them online at not just a label at Conquistador Department. Follow Conquistador and Tassos Sofroniou at his tumblr here, facebook page here and twitter here.
Stay Tuned! I managed to watch other shows as well! ;)



Starbags Charity Fashion Show

photo by professional photographer Patricia Munster

A few days ago I was invited by Oliana owner of Starbags at their very first fashion show at Technopolis for charity reasons along with Laleh Fayaz. Seems that nothing stops them cause they had another participation after that and have arranged a third one this week! As for me, I was live tweeting all the time and shot photos and chatting and drinking and all that fashion week stuff that I love! Truth is I had so much time to be front row at a fashion show or attend anything fashion related that I realized how much I miss this whole glitter thing and thought that now it's about time for some action. So I'll be at AXDW and hope to make it for the AFW as well! So stay tuned for that and some other news coming that I am keeping secret for now! Sssssss!

Ps. I added a Facebook Comment form for easy commenting here so tell me what you think! ;)

I was wearing Cheap Monday dress by Shop & Trade, Zara booties, Dukas bag by Starbags


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