Pink Rules

If you've been following me or Twingo Miss Sixty on twitter then you should have known how much fun we are  having these past few days the two of us. Actually four, if you count Christophe and our driver. It has the perfect pink gold color and they are getting along so well with Christophe. You see Twingy loves photoshoots and insists to be in every photo. On the other hand, Christophe is not that into pink but since I took them to the beach he agreed to cooperate... Ha! You can still follow us on twitter or facebook for inside info about these pink rides that will help you win the upcoming facebook competition! Cheers!
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Photos by Alexandros



H&M Autumn 2011 Preview

Yesterday I was invited at the H&M showroom for a press preview of the winter collection and some available soon pieces. To tell the truth, after this awful weather we had today, I was thinking the collection all day.What I liked the most as I realized from the photos I took are the accessories. Especially this brown and ponyskin bag!



Twingo Miss Sixty Project

Some time ago, I had told you about a fun project I was going to be part of! Well, time has come to reveal it! 
As you may know Renault has come up with a special super girlie edition of the Twingo in collaboration with Miss Sixty Twingo Miss Sixty.
If you are reading this blog regularly you know how much I adore Miss Sixty!
So when they told me to participate in a project that was about it, I couldn't say no!

First part of the project was shopping of course! Me, Thalia, Pinelopi and Stella were invited to the Miss Sixty store at the Mall to pick whatever we liked from the Spring Summer collection.
Next part is even more exciting... I am not saying more...

To follow all the action stay tuned at the Twingo Miss Sixty Pink Rules facebook fan page and Twingo Miss Sixty twitter.

Inside info  Rumors have it that in the end of the whole project there will be a contest.for you guys! So be sure to follow all the action because twingo miss sixty is a very naughty car!



Not to see the sun

Hey guys! That striped skirt I am wearing here is a purchase from last year which I haven't worn enough and thought to give it a second chance. Truth is that I finally don't like it. You see stripes are really tricky to style unless you are thin enough and this particular skirt is draped on the waist which makes things more difficult! So bye bye striped skirt!



I have to see you again and again

First things first! Have a nice month everyone full of sun , optimism and nice thoughts! I am always thinking about the thing I was telling you back then about the secret and that stuff and I am starting to truly believe that this whole theory is actually working and I have started playing with it to see how it goes.
On other news yesterday I had a fun walk downtown with friends when some tourists asked for a nice place to have something to eat, so I told them about the most obvious I could think. Thing is, I regretted immediately when I thought well if I would be in a foreign country I wouldn't want to go where all tourists go. Never mind, at least the place has some good food... Also I had my crazy friend screaming like hysteric when I slipped and fell and all the people wondering why I am laughing and the other girl is screaming. Crazy stuff, I am telling you.

photos by Lena Marini


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