Oh don't ask why...

Hey guys! I know I haven't been a much of the definition of a committed blogger lately but since I don't like excuses I am not gonna give any! I promise though that I've been thinking all of you all the time! On other news I spent the Easter holidays with my family in my hometown and it was more like a good rest, recharging batteries and re exploring the local customs which seem they are endless! So guys be prepared because in May fashion algorithms will be part of a  really really special and fun project! Just stay tuned!

PS: The thing with the bracelets continues. The neon one is handmade by me, the one with the piece signs is by H&M and a project named Knot war.
The more special one though is this little one with the shoe! It is courtesy of a very special lady and unique artist Maroula and is one of her unique handmade designs made with love, silver, gold and precious stones as it's written on the little note with the unique jewellery number that it came with! Thank you Maroula so much!



Random no1

Desperately waiting for your days off all week but the weather just can't be predicted. Means no proper outfit photos. Hmmm. At least I can show you some of my new obsessions. Blue nails and neon bracelets.
Have fun this coming Holy week.



My eyes have seen you

I am back! Back to regular posting after all this athens fashion week and athens exclusive designers week craziness. I know you've seen me wearing these flare pants like a lot lately but truth is I am kind of obsessed with them. After trying them on I fell in love and seeing the "tall effect" I want to try wearing a maxi skirt as well! This means hunting!
On other news.I finally got a job! A real one this time that is and I am really really happy about this one!
I promise I'll keep you updated more often from now on!
Kisses and hugs!
pants: h&m
tank top: zara
faux fur on the wallet: h&m
necklace: gift from a brit greek



Athens Fashion Week Day 5

This is what I wore at athens fashion week day 5. Yet again thanks to Patricia Munster I can show you my most favorite piece of my closet. This Collage Social jacket is a brand that came from a collaboration between two of my favorite powers, Shop&Trade and Yiorgos Eleftheriades. Unfortunately the brand is no longer available at Shop. If you read this Shop and Mr Eleftheriades please oh please bring them back!!!!!



Athens Fashion Week Day 4

This is what I wore at 13th Athens Fashion Week day 4. Thank God Patricia shot these photos cause with all the fashion week buzz I always forget to snap my outfits!

Booties: Zara
Bag: Asos
Knit jacket: Pepe Jeans via Shop&Trade



Delight FW11/12

Delight show was great! I liked everything about it! The colors, the mix of the fabrics and textures that created a very interesting result. Also I liked the way they used velvet, which is one of the fabrics I hate as I have told you. I loved the furs and the platforms combined with socks. A contemporary and up to date collection! Thumbs up!


Dimitri Zafiriou FW11/12

Dimitri Zafiriou is a talented designer that I always thought as an artist! With this collection "Le Dinner Surrealist" I saw everything that was meant to be seen... I saw the art deco and man ray influence and all the parisian 20s and the great styling by Thanos Kyriakides . But I think I saw some things that were meant to be secret... I don't know if that was on purpose or not but I felt like there was no crescendo... Like a complete but unfinished show.  For me it was the most artistic show I've ever seen.  Check his blog here.



Sotiris Georgiou FW11/12

Sotiris Georgiou showed for one more time what he can do with geometry and all this urban style that he has! It was the first time I witnessed such opinions from everyone about a designer! Everyone agreed that it was an awesome show. From fashion critics, journalists, bloggers,buyers, other designers etc everyone loved it! The line for men was absolutely great. I was really lucky to see such a great show! On the third pic you can see Despoina Isopoulou from you strike my fancy! Yay!
Women shoes by my Yiorgos Eleftheriades


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