4 Fashion Shake Day 2/Digitaria

Digitaria aka Eleftheria Arapoglou presented her collection "Mind over matter" yesterday at Ozon's 4fashionshake day 2. We saw a very inspired performance where models were like butterflies in their cocoons being born or like this movie that scared me to hell as a kid, and between us not only as a kid, the Gremlins. Also we had the opportunity to watch closely some really skillful designs and patterns with an urban aesthetic that I enjoyed a lot after all this fashion week glitter and noise. I admit I was not familiar with digitaria's work but from now on I'll watch it closely! Designers spotted at the show: Sotiris Georgiou, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Romina Karamanea. Don't you love it when designers support each other?

 Spiros was in charge for the whole press thing! Isn't he gorgeous?



4 Fashion Shake Day 1

These days were the most relaxed for a long time now.But another round of frenzy begins in a few days with the other greek fashion week coming. I have some designers that I can't miss. Let's hope it will be organized better that the other one. Anyway yesterday another up and coming fashion event started 4fashionshake by Ozon magazine by presenting new designer Michael Kampe. winner of ITS#9. Thumbs up for this initiative by Ozon and foe supporting new designers like Michael! Get ready people for another round of fashion. Stay tuned!

PS. My very first Jeffrey Campbell pair just arrived! Don't you love them. Ordered them from revolve clothing a size bigger than I usually wear and they fit ok. So if you are planning on getting one please buy them a size bigger.



Happy 1 Year Anniversary fashion algorithms!

by Vero

 by Chara

It's been a full year of blogging guys. And yes oh yes it's the big time to say the huge thank you to all of you for being here, reading, following, commenting or just passing by.You know blogging is fun. But it's more fun to read all your comments and thoughts or meeting with people that you share the same interests. Some of you guys sent me your creations for my anniversary and I want to thank you all for that. You know it means a lot! Thank you! And don't forget that fashion algorithms without you just couldn't have worked! Big kiss to all!

PS. I also have wishes videos but bare with me until I edit them!



Αthens Exclusive Designers Week Day 4

AXDW is over. I still have some shows that I haven't posted yet, so be patient and bare with me!

Well I don't know whether designers or the event are happy to have us, bloggers, there (I know they don't), because most of them don't even know what a blog is or they do and think that we are just kids playing around. But people come on. We all know that we are in Greece where fashion events are not covered by the press for a long time now.

If you make an internet walk or a google search you'd probably see blogs coming first in results about fashion events and fashion designers and all that stuff that magazines won't write about or if they do it will be a month later while bloggers post them immediately.We bloggers are the only ones to try hard for Greek fashion, drawn by pure passion and our readers, and I am telling you, judging from my blog and other blogs visits that people, and not only Greeks, die to be informed. Not to mention the immediate feedback each and everyone of us are getting about the designers etc.
Although, there are some designers that respect us and personally invite us to the shows and we are happy when something like that happens. On the other hand, there are others that steal our photos and don't even bother saying thank you for being there, or at least ask our permission to take the photos, not that I am doing all this for their thank you or anything like that. I am only talking about respect my work as a person, as a potential customer, as someone that people are contacting to to find them.

Closing this angry post I want to thank  all of you guys, my readers for being here, trusting and supporting this project and sending me your thoughts, concerns, comments about my posts and generally for all the feedback. As you have understood you are the only reason I keep doing this. Deeply truly thank you!


Indashio FW12

Indashio is a fashion designer and stylist based in NY. He has been a regular fashion week figure since the age of 19, he is one of the youngest designers to participate and he has won the Glam God title at a famous American  TV show. He showcased his FW collection here in AXDW yesterday in a crowded and screaming place. In the end he danced dressed like a Greek glam God. A nice way to close fashion week!

shoes by Kontos shoes


Melissa Diamantidi FW12

Melissa Dimantidi presented her collection yesterday at Axdw! I admit that I liked many pieces especially the ones I am posting here. I really liked the structured shoulders and the combination of black leather with light fabrics. The gray prints were very interesting as well. What I liked the most was those necklaces that at some cases they were contributing to the shape of the outfit such as in one dress. What I didn't like was those lace tights. I think that in some cases they destroyed the whole outfit.A very promising show indeed. Thumbs up for Melissa!


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