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We could be so good together

Many of you guys have been asking me about my photos and what camera do I use. So this is an Olympus e450 and truth is that what you see is not only because of the camera. You see my bro really does a good job taking them but after that I spend some time on my favorite program photoshop to make them even better. I love that program. You can do so many things with it! Last week this blog hit a really good traffic and I want to thank all of you guys that you keep visiting and commenting here. I had never imagined that I could make so many friends through this whole thing. I've been reading many blogs myself and I'll keep doing so. If you want to show some love you can follow me through bloglovin which is the easiest way to follow your favorite blogs. And subscription only takes one sec! So follow cause I have many surprises for you in the weeks to come!

shorts: take two (old)
blouse and fur: h&m
shoes: zara
cape: benetton



Yesterday I found myself at Semiramis Hotel where I met other fashion bloggers and brands galaxy.
You know I was thinking about the ancient legend about Semiramis and how a person can change his destiny. I don't know if everything is written somewhere and we are supposed to follow the book or we just make our path by ourselves. Truth is that if everything was supposed to be some way then why we have to deal with so many decisions?

Blazer: Toi-moi
pants: Miss sixty
shoes: zara



Who's Lucky?

So here we are at Lucky magazine Greece wearing my Buldoza dress, originally posted here! I was so happy when Dora Christidou contacted me about this article! I really enjoyed what she wrote and the title couldn't be more me! Sense and sensibility which is one of my favorite books by the way!
So go get your copy cause inside you'll find interesting articles including styling tips that suit your body!
Thank you my lovely readers because you know that without you we wouldn't be so lucky! 



Pink panther

Well well well I am so happy with this amazing weather! Plus my bro bought a bike so I am ready to rock the city! Don't you just love sunny weather?
Pants: Sisley
Blouse: h&m
leather necklace: handmade by me
double finger ring: myfashionfruit


1st Fashion Business Forum wrap up

1st Fashion business forum was nothing less than I expected!
Heard so many interesting things that I couldn't describe in a single post. To sum up I'll just tell you the key words that kept popping up during the day.
First thing was crisis and economic collapse and how it affected customers and businesses. The outcome could be that now people are searching for the best product at the best price. Value for money that is and conscious shopping. Pascal Bollon emphasized on the fact that consumers crave value for money and not just cheap and that Greek brands haven't collapsed but made adjustments towards that. Consumers just think more something that should make brands wiser. On this matter there was a big discussion about greek female consumers feeling guilty about buying and brands should give them a reason to feel satisfied either by sales or offers. On that matter Colin mc Dowell said that this whole guilt issue is probably a matter of women that don't have their own income.
Also one other discussed matter was the bloggers thing. Actually the whole online marketing/social media issue was highly mentioned by the speakers as an effective way for marketing. Although I don't think that there were many participants which agreed on that. I found mr Gezerlis' opinion on that, though, pretty interesting and open minded, that bloggers are in a way free consultants for the brands and brands could use this at their benefit.
Another thing was about the resort collections and generally the off-season ones and the reason why they sell better than the seasonal .On this matter mr Tseklenis expressed a very interesting opinion that greek designers and brands should go for that as a way to promote the so called greekness. He gave the example of one of  his own resort white collection which was the best seller of his career. In the same matter the menswear as a new segment and an easy way to make profit and loyal customers as well.
There was a big dialogue regarding sales and offers reagarding if, when and how they should exist.
 Names such as Bernard Arnault, Christian Lacroix, Burberry, Alexander Mc Queen, Bryanboy(!), Ralph Lauren kept coming up nearly at every discussion.
Branding was widely discussed as well and why it is important to establish your brand and invest money on that and how Greece failed to export brands made in Greece in times of prosperity.
Fast fashion and online shopping were discussed as well. Mr Colin mc Dowell expressed the opinion that online shopping doesn't offer the whole feel good factor which is being around other people, and that's why it has limited time of life. I could spend a whole post dedicated to his speech but I'll just highlight some points that really caught my attention. 
-Fashion is old fashioned
-Fashion is no longer privilege of the rich but right of the young
-We use clothes to impress others
-Lust for fashion is artificial
-Fashion business is immoral and manipulative 
-Western fashion is dying
-China is the new big market
 -Designers cannot be taught.It's either you have it or not.
Last but not least terms as customization and personalization  according to mr Bollon should be considered as ways to overcome crisis. 
Bloggers were tweeting live from the conference and you can read it all here

Invited bloggers:  Alleca Rox, Battered couture, Eye candies, fashion algorithms, fashion architect, fffffashion mixxx, Life full of fashion, Life in Athens Little StylistMary Jane GirlOrdinary pulse, Posh Fashion, Smells Like fashion, Spottedm,,Sugahspank, The way I do, Wardrobe recycle

Of course extra points for fellow blogger and the producer of the conference Irini who rocked today, as she always had a good and very well placed point at what she was saying!

Of course thank you Buldoza and Boussias communications !



FFW>> Spring trends to get on sales

The white jacket


Pop Colors


All photos via style.com



Under control

 Lately some great things have happened to this blog and I couldn't be more happy about this! Some of them are the upcoming fashion business forum I talked you in the previous post which was something I was craving for since past summer, I got to write articles for one Greek fashion portal, ntynomai.gr , collaborate with toi-moi for their e shop photo shoot and with my fashion fruit for this fab giveaway, which by the way is still open. Not to mention all the amazing people I met from the industry and fellow fashion bloggers. But I am telling you there are still some things to be revealed that are going to be awesome. So stay tuned!

bag: myfashionfruit (win it here)
fingerless gloves: myfashionfruit
jacket: collage social
faux fur: h&m



1st Fashion Business Forum: Get your shoppers back

 First time I heard about 1st fashion business forum organized by Boussias Communications was in summer from fellow blogger Irina. I knew I had to be there. Well it seems that I will be there with 14 other greek fashion bloggers that were selected and invited from buldoza.gr

This is a huge opportunity for all of us to learn a few things from the insiders and great heads of the international fashion industry. 

The speakers are: 

Colin Mc Dowell, at his webpage you can find out everything about him as well as a very interesting listing of the most important fashion moments of all times.
William Plane  the economist responsible for Burberry's entrance at the stock exchange
Pascal Bollon GFK's global fashion director read a small interview here
Tim Jackson principal lecturer at the London College of fashion
Leon Bailey Green online communication specialist founder of Online Fashion 100
Yiannis Tseklenis greek fashion designer that became internationally famous.

Can't wait to hear all these amazing speakers sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise.
If you can afford the ticket I highly recommend this one!

Follow @boussias_conf for all the updates !



My Fashion Fruit Giveaway!

Do you like this bag? I adore it! I have big news for you! My fashion fruit was kind enough to be the sponsor of my very first giveaway!You have the chance to win it! Just follow these instructions! You can only participate if you live in Greece. I promise to my international readers that there will be more giveaways soon that you can participate!

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The giveaway will last one week till January 17 at midnight. 
The winner will be sorted out randomly!
Good luck to all of you guys!

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O διαγωνισμός θα διαρκέσει μια εβδομάδα, δηλαδή μέχρι της 17 Ιανουαρίου  τα μεσάνυχτα.
Θα γίνει κλήρωση για το νικητή.
Καλή τύχη σε όλους!



"Try now we can only lose "

(photos by Giorgio)

Today I was wondering how it's like to live your dreams. Actually I am thinking about it a lot lately. It's not that I have those big dreams that never seem to come true. Just the everyday ones that I could also name goals. And I just concluded to this line by Robby Krieger of the doors. It's better try something than leave it. Looking back you will always remember that you did your best.
In a few days I'll host the best giveaway here, not telling you the whole thing yet. Just stay tuned. Also in two months this blog turns one year old and I just have the perfect idea to celebrate it!

 shorts: vintage
round scarf: H&m
rings: myfashionfruit




 Going home for Christmas involved some serious eating, waking up rather late, wandering around all day and just having fun with my beloved friends that I meet only during holidays. Had my hair done like a turbine, made a secret birthday party, welcomed the new year with happiness, had a little chat with Santa...
Now I am back to all the usual stuff and back to you of course! I won't start whining about the things that I want for the new year. I just visualize the future as an exciting feast!


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