Athens Exclusive Designers Week SS2012

This year unfortunately I failed to attend every single show at Athens Exclusive designers Week as I did last year and as a result I have only one fashion week outfit to show you that I didn't even shoot for myself. Thank God of Patricia Munster that always snaps our outfits at such events. Thank you to the sweet guys over at Buldoza , that was a supporter of AXDW and the new designers competition, for the second photo with Stephanie. The third photo is from Sephora's photobooth!
Anyways. Thing is that when you've been there then you're never back! I just couldn't not be the there. At least for a show or two.Stay tuned Erotokritos is on the way!

Skirt: ZARA
Shirt: Sisley



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  2. Beautiful photos! Loved your plaid shirt and the photobooth looked very fun! :)

  3. Πολύ ενδιαφερουσα η χακή τσάντα!

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