I have to see you again and again

First things first! Have a nice month everyone full of sun , optimism and nice thoughts! I am always thinking about the thing I was telling you back then about the secret and that stuff and I am starting to truly believe that this whole theory is actually working and I have started playing with it to see how it goes.
On other news yesterday I had a fun walk downtown with friends when some tourists asked for a nice place to have something to eat, so I told them about the most obvious I could think. Thing is, I regretted immediately when I thought well if I would be in a foreign country I wouldn't want to go where all tourists go. Never mind, at least the place has some good food... Also I had my crazy friend screaming like hysteric when I slipped and fell and all the people wondering why I am laughing and the other girl is screaming. Crazy stuff, I am telling you.

photos by Lena Marini



  1. Beautiful neutral and comfy outfit! Pictures are really nice

    The Black Label

  2. αγάαααααπη μου..!!!!!!πόσο πιο ωραίες φωτογραφίες θα τραβήξεις ακόμα μου λες??????ε??έχεις βαλθεί να με καταπλήξεις μου φαίνεται!

  3. Casual look i love it ilove the blazer!anipomono na do ti etoimazeis gia to blog xx

  4. Love this look! Simple and Chic! BEautiful!


  5. Πολύ ωραίο outfit! Φοβερό το blazer και το jean σου!

  6. φίλη οι φωτό σου είναι τόσο γαμισάμπλ.Οχι για να δεις οτι οι σπουδες στη Γαλλία πιάσαν τόπο.Να γελάς πάντα.Ακόμα και στις πτώσεις.Σπουδαίο.Βρίσκεις?

  7. i want to read that people still having fun and laughing, because all i see here in Greece (and generally) is sadness, economical problems and stress. You look lovely by the way!


  8. φτου!φτου!
    Τι στυλ!!!!!!!

  9. I always laugh if I fall over too ha ha :) Love the outfit the jeans are a great colour :)

    Love, Vanilla

    P.s I have moved to http://notesfrommycloset.blogspot.com/


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