A wish coming true at AXDW

Despina had a wish !To be a model and cross the catwalk! AXDW in collaboration with make a wish Greece  made this happen and we are all happy that they did! Probably the best moment of the exclusive. She was wearing Sophia Kokosalaki dress and trained by Vicky Kayia! She was gorgeous!
I could barely stop myself from not crying and the whole place was moved and applauded her as a top model that she is! Well done Despina!



  1. Bravo sto make a wish kai AXDW pou pragmatopoihsan thn euxh ths Despoinas. Pragmatika htan yperoxh!


  2. Bravo sto make a wish... an k den imoun ekei sygkinithika! Eimai sigourh oti h Despoina xarike para poly! :) x


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