Αthens Exclusive Designers Week Day 4

AXDW is over. I still have some shows that I haven't posted yet, so be patient and bare with me!

Well I don't know whether designers or the event are happy to have us, bloggers, there (I know they don't), because most of them don't even know what a blog is or they do and think that we are just kids playing around. But people come on. We all know that we are in Greece where fashion events are not covered by the press for a long time now.

If you make an internet walk or a google search you'd probably see blogs coming first in results about fashion events and fashion designers and all that stuff that magazines won't write about or if they do it will be a month later while bloggers post them immediately.We bloggers are the only ones to try hard for Greek fashion, drawn by pure passion and our readers, and I am telling you, judging from my blog and other blogs visits that people, and not only Greeks, die to be informed. Not to mention the immediate feedback each and everyone of us are getting about the designers etc.
Although, there are some designers that respect us and personally invite us to the shows and we are happy when something like that happens. On the other hand, there are others that steal our photos and don't even bother saying thank you for being there, or at least ask our permission to take the photos, not that I am doing all this for their thank you or anything like that. I am only talking about respect my work as a person, as a potential customer, as someone that people are contacting to to find them.

Closing this angry post I want to thank  all of you guys, my readers for being here, trusting and supporting this project and sending me your thoughts, concerns, comments about my posts and generally for all the feedback. As you have understood you are the only reason I keep doing this. Deeply truly thank you!



  1. I'm so sorry I couldn't come to the Ourania Kay show,but the invitation never arrived!!Plus I got robbed the night before,so I'm still in shock.
    You're absolutely right, fashion people in Greece should expand their horizons and respect you people!

  2. very well said girl but we have still a long way to go till things change. unfortunately that is...

  3. well said dear, I'm so angry about that,too! we've discussed about that yesterday, u already know I totally agree..

  4. Πόσο αλήθεια! Δεν είναι καιρός να κάνουμε κάτι όμως? Ασχετα με ολα αυτα μου αρεσει πολυ το outfit και ειδικα τα παπουτσια :)


  5. Unfortunately you're right.. I'd like things were different but this is how it is in Greece..
    Hope that this situation will change sometime..

  6. You're sooo right!Οι bloggers βαζουν τοση δουλεια κ τρεξιμο για να καλυπτουν τα fashion events κ οχι μονο δεν παιρνουν ενα ευχαριστω αλλα ουτε μια αναγνωριση,μια εκτιμηση τελοσπαντων!Στο εξωτερικο δεν ειναι ετσι,εκει τις ψαχνουν αυτοι κ ζητανε τη βοηθεια τους!Ισως σε καμια εικοσαρια χρονια που μαθουν εστω τι ειναι το blog εδω να γινει κατι!
    P.S.Sorry for the huuge comment αλλα με πορωσες αγαπητη :)

  7. @vixen unfortunately we had this greek postal office issue and some invitations didn't arrive on time. You should have told they didn't to resolve this and give you the invitation myself as I did with some others! I am sorry that it didn't work! Thank you anyway!Perhaps we'll make it another time!

  8. as min anoixw k egw to stoma mu..pes k alla...

  9. one of the reasons I didn't come to AXDW this season is exactly those things you mention

    all those seasons before, my efforts were scarcely appreciated, and I'm sick and tired of putting so much work in for people who don't deserve it

    from now on, it will only be about events and designers who I really care about and who show at least some gratitude back

  10. Poso dikio exeis!!!
    Poso swsto to post!!!!!!

  11. έχεις δίκιο κατερίνα μου, ήταν πολύ αγενείς και γενικά ήταν σε αυτό το στυλ όλοι από τους security μέχρι τον τύπο μέσα που έλεγε ποιος κάθεται που! Η ευγένεια είναι κάτι πάρα πολυ σημαντικό!Όταν γίνεται ένα show και το ίδιο βράδυ έχει ήδη ανεβεί η collection σε κάποιο από τα blog και υπάρχει feedback θα έπρεπε από μόνοι τους να μας καλούν και να μας θέλουν στα show τους!Ελπίζω κάποια στιγμή αυτό να αλλάξει..

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Sorry about the deleted post above... I just feel that the designers with the greatest success are polite, hard-working, and generally don't take anything for granted! Coincidence? I think not!

  14. It is so true! Just looked at 2 magazines, which came out today and they even didn't mention AXDW. And I know they had photos to publish, let's see next week. Most probably they publish only the celebrities...and 3 photos of celebrities on the catwalk.
    Greek publishers, if you read this make a change!
    And copying photos of blogs is really getting out of hand. A lot of people think that everything is free on the web..They don't even ask if they have to pay for them!

  15. Thank U Katerina for the post. For a moment I thought Im alone with such problem. I was said to have a press pass for the shows to make a coverage, but after arriving they said no because Im only blogger...imagine :/

    Magdalena from EyeCandies Blog

  16. αν κ δεν έχω προσωπική άποψη επί του θέματος, σίγουρα κατάφερες να διατυπώσεις με πολύ όμορφο τρόπο μια άσχημη κατάσταση!συγχαρητήρια γι'αυτό :)!
    το look είναι άψογο για άλλη μια φορά κ μου αρέσεις πολύ με το συγκεκριμένο style!
    keep on...

  17. Χαίρομαι που επιτέλους έγινε αυτο το angry post, οπως το αναφερεις. Εγω θα το χαρακτηρισω υποχρεωτικο στην συγκεκριμενη περιπτωση, εαν λαβω υποψη μου τον τροπο που μας συμπεριφερθηκαν τις μερες αυτες. Δεν φτάνει που ξεθεωνομαστε κ βγαζουμε τοση δουλεια, αντι να πουν ενα ευχαριστω ή εστω να μας διευκολυνουν λιγο, πουλανε κ μουρη. Απαραδεκτη η συμπεριφορα ολων, απο τις τυπισσες στο pess office μεχρι τον τελευταιο secutiry. Ισως πρεπει να ξυπνησουν λιγο οι Ελληναρες του συγκεκριμενου χωρου και να συνειδητοποησουν οτι εμεις κανουμε πλεον την σοβαρη δουλεια και ξεπατονομαστε να βγαλουμε μια καλη φωτο κ να γραψουμε ενα καλο review. Τεσπα, ας ελπισουμε οτι θα αλλαξουν τα δεδομενα σιγα σιγα!!!

  18. loipon
    1on i eugeneia kai o sevasmos einai ta aparaitita gia oles tis sxeseis(filikes-epaggelmatikes klp)
    2on epitixia den simenei ena 10lepto entypwsiasmou alla diarkeia,poiotita kai empneush
    3on h eparsi, i dithenia kai o snobismos einai passe gia osous den to exoun katalavei kai einai systatika tis apotyxias.
    Sxetika me to blog sou twra.Sovaro, egkyro, enimerwmeno kalodoulemeno, xwris kollakies kai katinies kai gossip!Makari na synexisete etsi kai na min pesete tis pagides tou marketing giati meta xalaei h syntagi!!!!!!!!!
    Mou arese poly h parousiasi tou "patricia Field for MCM"
    Polla polla bravo kai keep on mooving me to kefali psila

  19. for the last post my name is nicol fragkopanagou but i couldn't comment as someone else.

  20. Μάλιστα...Κατάλαβα. Αναμενόμενο το σενάριο δυστυχώς, φέτος απείχα λόγω οικογενειακού κωλύματος(u know) αλλά απ'οτι φάνηκε καλύτερα.
    Είναι θλιβερό γιατί απαιτούν απο μας να πάρουμε στα σοβαρά κάτι το οποίο καταφέρνουν μια χαρά να γελοιοποιήσουν οι ίδιοι.Κρίμα.

  21. exeis apoluto dikio....ok, mporei n mn exw parel8on m t fashion events, alla an ontws sumvainei kt tetoio einai sigoura sketh gaidouria :/

  22. what they still haven't understand here in Greece is the fact that bloggers are the future in fashion (in some countries in fact they are already the present!). You should remember that until 1930 designers did't let photographers in their shows. But sooner or later they understood that photographers were essential for their work. This is similar for bloggers: we are now the "kids playing" in Greece, but its for sure that in 5 years designers will send us limos to take us from home to their shows. Until then, i hope my passion for fashion is over in order to reject their invitations! XXX

  23. to put things in perspective: blogging is supposed to be for fun, thus I don't know whether we should expect "acknowledgement" for our work. And I do understand why some people do not want bloggers being involved in their events, if all they do is bitching around and make nasty comments, just to attract attention (not you Katerina, of course!)
    On the other hand, I doubt whether anyone would know what AXDW or other similar events were, if bloggers were not around. So, in my opinion, the treatment was rather unprofessional. Unfortunately, greek organizers prefer a big brother finalist sitting front row, rather than a respected blogger, because they confuse fashion with the fake tv luxury lifestyle...and then they whine about the bad shape of greek fashion industry.

  24. @irina You always put things right. Thank you for your comment.I really appreciate it.
    Like I said I am not doing anything for attention,acknowledgement or gratitude.
    Wouldn't it be nice for everyone though to try our best for Greek fashion and stay united? Just saying.

  25. @Stephanie M. eidika auth sto pass office k o typas pou taxtopoiouse tis theseis ekanan san na tous anhkei o kosmos olos.
    Etsi gt...mporoun!

    Kai den skeftontai pws an den yphrxan ta blogs na vgazoun photos kai na kanoun post ton ekastote designer, autos mporei na emene agnwstos sto Ellhniko koino.

    As mhn koroideuomaste,ligoi Ellhnes designers exoun megalh anagnwrish sthn Ellada!Dystyxws!

    Pisteua pws mporei na htan h idea m gt htan h prwth m AXDW alla ap oti vlepw... :/

  26. simfono me auta pou eipes.. ego os nea designer tha xeromoun poly an atoma pou asxolountai kai agapoun toso ti moda endiaferontan gia to ti kano!
    i provoli tis douleias os designer den einai eukoli stis meres mas kai oi bloggers katafernoun na diksoun ti stigmi pou ginete kati kai oxi meta apo ena mina pou tha exei idi ksexasti to event!
    oso gia tis photos, an doun oti exete photos apo ti douleia tous mporun apla na tis zitisoun..
    ego xeromai pou me ti dimiourgia tou blog mou gnorisa nea atoma pou exoun tin idia agapi me mena gia ti moda kai me enimeronun gia oti ginete, idika gia tin ellada, gia designers kai shows pou den tha mathaina pote!
    keep doing the good work! xx

  27. love your blog!
    nice outfits!

  28. Καλησπερα! Μιας και κατοικω σε νησι, ποτε δεν μου δοθηκε η ευκαιρια να παρακολουθησω καποια εβδομαδα μοδας, αν και θα το ηθελα πολυ, οποτε δεν μπορω να εκφρασω την γνωμη μου για το γεγονος αυτο. Μπορω ομως να πω με σιγουρια πως απο τα ελληνικα blogs εμαθα αρκετους νεους σχεδιαστες και παρακολουθησα τις κολεξιον τους μεσα απο τις αναρτησεις σας. Λυπαμαι που ακομα και σε αυτον τον χωρο της δημιουργικοτητας επικρατει η ''ελληνικη'' νοοτροπια.. Συνεχιστε την καλη δουλεια!

  29. Νομίζω πως τελικά στην Ελλάδα κανένας δεν μπορεί να καταλάβει τι είναι η ανιδιοτέλεια και το να κάνεις κάτι απλά επειδή το ''γουστάρεις'' χωρίς να περιμένεις αντάλλαγμα. Μάλλον έχουν συνηθίσει να γίνονται τα πάντα μόνο και μόνο για τα λεφτά...


  30. Συγχαρητήρια Κατερίνα για αυτό το post!Kάποιος επιτέλους έπρεπε να το κάνει!Μπράαβο μπράβο και πάλι μπράβο!!Αν και ήρθα 3 απο τις 4 μέρες οι συμπεριφορές που δέχτηκα και γώ δεν ήταν οι καλύτερες όντας καινούργια και σχετικά μικρή στο χώρο!Λίγοι άνθρωποι με σεβάστηκαν και με βοήθησαν!Λίγη ευγένεια δεν κάνει κακό σε μερικούς και μερικές που την έχουν δεί οι ντίβες του αιώνα!Όλοι μια προσπάθεια καταβάλουμε και δείχνουμε το πάθος μας για το χώρο της μόδας σε μια χώρα η οποία τώρα αναπτύσσεται πολύ σε αυτόν τον τομέα!
    Σε λίγο καιρό πιστεύω θα καταλάβουν ότι πίσω απο κάθε φωτογραφία,κάθε συνέντευξη βρίσκονται άνθρωποι σαν και εμάς!Δεν πτοούμαστε με τίποτα..!Καλή συνέχεια!

  31. Ektos apo ta apeira euxaristw pou niw8w gia tin anektimiti voh8eia sou (an den itan i Katerina guys na sas valei stis 8eseis pou prepei mallon 8a vrizate k emena twra) ofeilw na topo8eti8w stis paratiriseis sou kai ws designer k ws blogger(nai twra to 8umi8ikes oti eisai blogger :p )
    Sumfwnw apoluta me ta parapona sas k 8ewrw pws opws emeis perimenoume pws k pws meta ta posts sas,etsi 8a eprepe na fer8oume analoga!!!Par'ola auta 8a i8ela na kanw k tin antipoliteusi edw, legontas pws den einai ka8olou swsto kapoios pou apokalei ton eauto tou fashion blogger na postarei epilektika epideikseis. Den eipa oti prepei na aresoun ola se olous, alla apo tin stigmi pou kalupteis to gegonos kalupse to oloklhrwtika k antikeimenika.
    Telos mia akoma suggnwmi apo merous tis "organwsis" gia tin apisteuti talaipwria pou fagate perimenontas (2 kai kati wres gia to diko mou show toulaxiston) kai elpizw na katalavainete pws se auto to xali den eu8unontai oi designers.
    Filakia se olous!!!

  32. The thing is that Greece is not yet in the right level, financially and culturally to support in the right way events like fashion weeks. I personally live in the UK but I was born in Athens so this year I visited Greece in the same time AXDW was happening and I thought i would come and see. I admit I was very disappointed by the long hours we had to wait for some shows to begin.I've been in the past in different fashion events in different countries but i've never experienced a disrespect like this. However, this is not to blame bloggers or designers. I believe some Greek bloggers are very talented and you are doing a great job for Greek fashion. I may say you are one of the reasons Greek designers are getting some attention from the crowd and the media! Keep up the great job!

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