Stelios Koudounaris FW12

Stelios Koudounaris just amazed me for one more time! His show was called "What is hidden is not a sin", jenius! What I liked the most was those transparent dresses in this nude color with the black details and the blue tones on some outfits! If only I could afford a some them... You can tell that this guy has an identity that I am in love with! The most celebrity visited show of the day! Thumbs up for Stelios for one more time! More to come! Stay tuned! AXDW fw12 has just started!



  1. ti fotografies einai autes kopelara mou?? bravo pragmatika excellent job :D

  2. Koitakse emas mas arese para poly to show tou Steliou.. Mas arese kai to stysimo kai ta rouxa. Yphrxan grhgores enallages montelwn kati pou den yphrxe sto Milto kai de variosoun. Oso gia to finalle, poly dynamiko!!

    CU ;P

  3. I love all the sheers and the detail in the paneling of those bodices is great!

    xx Melina

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