Ourania Kay opening Chapter 2

This March me and this blog are all about Ourania Kay. I've been looking forward to her new collection since her first one.

Last season Ourania Kay presented her very first collection Chapter 1:Urgent Cases that won her the Best Catwalk prize at AXDW.
Had met her few weeks after the show to tell me about her plans and she had already started the research for the next collection, meaning this one. I was so impressed from the way she was talking me about it that I wanted so badly to see the whole thing.
So, few days ago I had the chance to visit her atelier.
First thing I want to share is that I am a sucker for places where you can tell that something creative is happening. Fabrics, needles, threads, zippers, scraps, buttons, books, clothes scattered all over. This sounds like magic to me. Also I so die for fashion illustration, sketches and those designers notes. They were all there and me in the center of this creative storm ready to explore all the secrets of Ourania Kay Chapter 2:iLLuSionS.
Knowing the big picture behind this collection I am telling you it's gonna be just awesome. This girl has a certain fashion sense that leaves me speechless. So young, yet so talented and with a full perception of the Ourania Kay woman.
I can't tell much about the techniques but I am certainly a fan of the designer's signature style. And Ourania Kay has one for sure.
I was lucky enough to even try some new catwalk designs for you to have a little preview of what she is up to.
Stay tuned guys cause we have some really special exclusives coming up. Just for you!

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  1. Great pictures, I adore the sketches. xoxo

  2. με συγκινησες παλι ατιμη.....

  3. exw porw8ei me to prwto rouxo pou foras!!! zhleuwwww! ^_^


  4. hey! I though you were going to show us the pictures... oh well next time then. can't wait

  5. wow i love the painting <3

    What do you think about following each other ?

    I'd be happy ;)

    FashionGirl <3


  6. Great post...love it! This is truly a talent..
    xoxo, K.

  7. Wow, I love the drawings!

  8. Με συγκινεί το γεγονός οτι στα ρούχα της Ουρανίας σαν τα κοιτάς (φαντάζομαι ένα παραπάνω αν τα φοράς) μπορείς και νιώθεις την αγάπη της σχεδιαστριας και το μεράκι γι'αυτό που δημιουργεί κάθε φορά.Σπάνιο πράγμα.

  9. Poli omorfa skitsa!to show perisi itan poli kalo kai dinamiko kai to idio euxomai kai gia fetos, 8a eimai ekei na to dw!!aaa episis (asxeto!) eida oti teleiwses plhroforiki sto papei...poia kateu8unsi isoun??kai gw auto paleuw twra xixi ade kai sta dika mou!! xxx <3


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