Celebrity Skin FW12

The most anticipated show of AXDW was Celebrity Skin dramatic discipline. The dynamic duo for one more time managed to create the most strong atmosphere in a packed room with the video in the beginning where some alternative, very talented artists from various scenes and above all huge fans of the brand were starring. The music was excellent contributing to the whole mood that the designers wanted to create. The clothes were pure Celebrity Skin with a more commercial and wearable approach such as the wide leg pants and the fab accessories. We saw men outfits for one more time. Celebrity Skin also improvised with some two pieces outfits, vinyl and silver touches at some cases! I loved the new Celebrity Skin, the brightest dark one. I believe it was their best collection so far but every time I see the new one I say the same.So I guess Dimitris Strepkos will surprise us each and every time! Well done guys for an amazing show! You are the extravagant masters!
PS. I know Dimitris will kill me for not mentioning all the contributors of the show so I'll update the post as soon as I find out all the names!



  1. Looks like an amazing show, thanks for sharing the pictures. xoxo

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