Shake dreams from your hair

Sometimes I wonder how people don't respect each other when it comes to money. Seems that nowadays business is done the insincere way. Had this job I was telling you that was meant to be full time but it seems that when I had completed the projects, after hard work in a very short period of time, they informed me that they only needed me for these projects and since I had completed them they didn't need me anymore. When I told them that I had to charge them for the projects as freelancer, of course they refused.  Well, it's their loss I suppose. The only reason I am posting this one is to inform other young people that are just entering the business world like me to be careful and not just trust people no questions asked!
On other good news get ready people March is my blog anniversary month! So if any of you wants to say Happy anniversary to Fashion Algorithms in any way, drawing,e card,outfit photo, video or anything just send me an email and I am going to post your work on my blog! And don't forget the huge giveaway I have for you in March! Thank you guys for the support and for being here all the way! Love you guys!



  1. ola 8a pane kala Katerinaki! Hope 2 cu soon! We all stay tuned @ Fashion Algorithms! Kisses!

  2. That's too bad regarding the business thing.. but as you said, it's their loss! Love the shorts by the way :) x

  3. Great outfit, love your shorts!

  4. Great outfit :) I love your boots :)

    Love, Vanilla

  5. ta idia epatha kai ego me mia douleia to kalokairi kai akoma den exo plirothei!An einai dynaton!!
    Great outfit by the way!

  6. I'm just entering the business world graduating next month, but I'm already tired of it :( Well, I can say I HATE IT!! :P
    I love your blazer btw! xo

    Haru x

  7. Great outfit. Really bad regarding the business thing but it's their loss. xoxo

  8. love your sunnies!


  9. omg!!!the bulding on the background of the third pic is my school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. There can be no trust in business, you have to assume the other person is out to screw you because most of the time they are! If things aren't 100% clear don't do the work. Assume nothing!

  11. i feel you sooooo! and you know!!
    hope things get better soon!!
    love the socks and the shorts!!
    kiss u!!


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