1st Fashion Business Forum: Get your shoppers back

 First time I heard about 1st fashion business forum organized by Boussias Communications was in summer from fellow blogger Irina. I knew I had to be there. Well it seems that I will be there with 14 other greek fashion bloggers that were selected and invited from buldoza.gr

This is a huge opportunity for all of us to learn a few things from the insiders and great heads of the international fashion industry. 

The speakers are: 

Colin Mc Dowell, at his webpage you can find out everything about him as well as a very interesting listing of the most important fashion moments of all times.
William Plane  the economist responsible for Burberry's entrance at the stock exchange
Pascal Bollon GFK's global fashion director read a small interview here
Tim Jackson principal lecturer at the London College of fashion
Leon Bailey Green online communication specialist founder of Online Fashion 100
Yiannis Tseklenis greek fashion designer that became internationally famous.

Can't wait to hear all these amazing speakers sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise.
If you can afford the ticket I highly recommend this one!

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  1. woohoo! ta leme ekei Katerina! loipwn kleinw 8esh dipla sou! :P

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