Inside out

(photos by Alexandros)

 Hey people! I hope you had a great Christmas ! I am having a great time so far with my loved ones here. I am eating all day as usual during holidays. This is what I wore on Christmas day. And I used this dark lipstick for the first time and I kinda liked it. Gives an extra festive touch on the outfit, don't you think? One of the projects I was talking about in previous posts is about a column that I'll be writing at ntynomai.gr about online shopping and stuff. Unfortunately it will be on greek so I hope my international readers will forgive me for that. I hope you enjoy it! First article is about buying safely from ebay, which I thought would be interesting! It will be up later today! Hope you guys support my new project and if you have any online shopping experience I would be glad to hear from you through email or something! Take care and have fun! It's Christmas after all!

Bustier: H&m
Rings: myfashionfruit

Update: You can read my guest post here



Mito del Puente

(photos by Alexandros)

Well I am at my hometown for Christmas holidays so posting will be a bit difficult now but don't worry, I'll try to keep you updated! Finally I got to show you the amazing wrist piece that Dimitris gave me! I love it so much! It's ideal for my total black outfits! Celebrity Skin really made my day with this one! Thank you so so so much Dimitri!Merry Christmas to all you guys! With love, happiness and lot of positive thoughts!

Wrist piece: Celebrity Skin
Blouse: Toi-moi
Double finger ring: myfashionfruit.com



Dimitris Strepkos with his kid!

Today I had the chance to meet Dimitris Strepkos designer of Celebrity Skin!I had seen and studied his work and I admired him a lot, but now that I met him I loved him even more apart from designer as a person. I always admire people who love what they do and go for it. I am telling you he is so passionate about fashion.This guy has done everything in fashion business from visual merchandising to styling for magazines and theater and TV to teaching in fashion schools to art directing to designing and the list goes on and on... Working in this industry for so many years had so many interesting things to share and with so much passion that I remained speechless just listening and trying to absorb as many as possible. Running from photoshoots, to tv and radio appearances, to designing his new collection dramatic discipline (which will have many surprises I am telling you) to meetings with buyers and stylists he fitted me in and I couldn't be more grateful. We met at Athens Metro Mall where among other greek designers such as Lukas, Christoforos Kotentos etc, Celebrity Skin designed this golden elf which will be auctioned for charity.Find out all about Celebrity Skin at Dimitris' Facebook page , Celebrity Skin facebook group and Dimitris blog.

PS. I have a surprise for you. A special gift from Dimitris that you'll see in my next post. So stay tuned!



Ioannis Guia private view

Today I was invited at a very special private event hosted by mr Ioannis Guia. I had the opportunity to touch and feel all these amazing designs that I had seen on the catwalk. First of, I want to tell you about all those fine garments with the special embroidery. I can't even imagine the amount of time and patience those pieces demand. When asked mr Guia made this sewing gesture and this answered all my questions. I saw this transparent dress that I am wearing on the first photo and mr Guia suggested to pair it with this piece of garment that I had seen at his previous collection aw10-11. At first I thought -me in this no way-. But when I tried it on I couldn't let it go! Don't you see why? It's the first time I am wearing something so special! Clothes of such great quality can only be made by a very special person and mr Guia is such a person. Kind, elegant with the quality of an aristocrat and a very positive aura. I can talk for hours about him and his clothes. He recently designed some amazing clothes for Haris Alexiou and I can't wait to show you as soon as I get the photos. Also the  jewellery are from a collaboration he does with an artist and saw them at his ss11 collection. As you can see I went there with one of my loves in general and a favorite designer as well Ourania Kay who was mr Guia's student at ESMOD.You'll be hearing more about her from me in the near future so stay tuned....



Where are the feasts we were promised?

As I had told you I ordered those rings the other day from this new eshop myfashionfruit.com and I just adore them! I fell in love with them from the moment I spotted them at the site. Actually with many other things there, but that's another story! At this point I want to thank my dear photographer aka my brother who stands me and he is willing to take me the photos I need! He works under any weather conditions and I can tell that he is becoming better and better in photography. Don't you think? Also this analog cam I am holding is a precious vintage one that used to belong to my dad... So it's of a great importance to me...

faux fur: h&m
Jacket: Toi-moi
Jeans: Zara



Vogue and Roll

 I am really into Balmain as you may have noticed by now. This photoshoot is inspired by Christophe's Baroque and Roll. This collection is all I've ever dreamed of. Strong shoulders, leather, gold, fur,brocade,booties. A powerful female ready to conquer her goals. Fashion Algorithms will be involved in couple of exciting projects in the near future that I think you're gonna like a lot. So stay tuned!




Lately on most fashion blogs I am reading there is this amazing white scenery from the snow, and I've been complaining about the fact that I don't have snow here! So yesterday it was snowing all day and I was waken up by my bro telling me it's snowing. Oh I felt like a little kid running in the house and listening to Christmas songs! Unfortunately it was freezing cold outside and I couldn't convince my photographer to go and take some pics!

Leather shorts: Stradivarius




 It's freezing cold outside so I took these photos at my balcony! I want so desperately some snow, a hot chocolate and a fireplace to sit by and wait for Santa to come and bring me everything that I have wished for! I was a really nice girl this year so I am expecting a lot from him!I received an unexpected gift the other day and I couldn't be more happy! It's this dress that I am wearing and the guys at buldoza.gr send it to me as a gift for my graduation! Isn't it sweet? I loved it from the moment I saw it. Someone read my blog to know that this is exactly my taste! Thank you guys! You made my day! What I am wearing over it is a simple hoodie with a zipper that I alterred it a bit by tying its end at the back! I love it this way!

Dress: City Goddess via Buldoza.gr
Hoodie: Pepe Jeans


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