Sport my day!

Hi guys! This is what I wore today! I wanted something comfy but chic cause I went out for some paper work for my project and for job hunting...! So I wore these pants with a basic top and some white platforms! Hope you like it! See you around!

sweatpants: Zara
tee: h&m
platforms: Exe


Beyond Dress Codes

Beyond dress codes exhibition is a huge opportunity for all of us to watch and examine some haute couture  pieces closely just to realize how much work they carry and of course it's the evidence of how designers do grab inspiration not only from the "glamorous phases" of history, but also from the tradition that each place, no matter how small or big, carries. Pieces from past collection of Greek and foreign designers are featured such as: Mastori*Mortwary studio, Angelos Bratis, Dimitris Dassios, Deux Hommes, Yiorgos Elefteriades, John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Ioannis Guia, Sophia Kokosalaki, Mi-Ro, Orsalia Parthenis, Thanos Kyriakides.
Don't miss it guys!
PS. Sorry for the photos but I was informed that flash was not allowed.


Green Design Festival

Visit Green Design Festival official page here.


Jean-Michel Basquiat for Zara!

I was in Zara the other day and I felt like home when I saw these tees! You see Jean-Michele Basquiat is one of my favorite artists and I have a print of one of his work on my wall (the last one which there is on tee too)! I will probably take one tee for myself although they are from the men collection! Next step would be Jasper Johns since Pepe Jeans has a whole line dedicated to my man aka Andy Warhol!


Outfit post...

If you are a regular here you maybe know that now I am a happy blogger! I found a satchel bag that really reminds me of mulberry alexa and this is the first time to style it!  I love my new bag and you will be seeing it really really often here so be kind! I am also wearing a tee that used to be my mother's when she was pregnant to me! It really reminds me of miu miu past summer collection! Love it! Also the necklace is a gift from my boyfriend that he designed for me! It used to have a small chain so it was high on the neck where I don't like to wear such kind of necklaces. So I just joined two chains and here it goes! Hope you like it!

pants: Zara
tee: vintage
satchel: Zara
booties: Zara
necklace: handmade gift
watch: D&G


Buldoza.gr is coming...

New greek eshop in town!
Here is how I recognize a good eshop!

Beautiful presentation,check (Because the first impression always counts)
Brands ,check (Content also counts, of course)
Presentation of the piece, check (I want to see exactly what I'll get)
Quality, check (Value for money)
Safe transactions, check ( Safety above all)
Returns, check ( If I am not satisfied I can get my money back)
Powerful search engine, check (Because you might know exactly what you want! -I never do-)
Young people behind it (Because we encourage fresh minds in business)

Worth your clicks! Buldoza, twitter, facebook

PS: They still run on beta. Watch the backstage of how the built the whole thing here.


Fashion bloggers night out!


Fashion's night out was so much anticipated by all of us and we were rewarded! We had so much fun just wandering, watching fashion crowd, listening to music, drinking amazing cocktails and chit chatting pretty much about everything! First stop Benetton and Sisley, then Manolo, then .lak, then around and Mourloukoukou in the end! I want more fashion's nights out please!!!!!!!! One video is better than 1000 words so watch us in all our fashion glory....

Partners in crime. Athena, Jo, Marie, Haritini, Thalia, Elena, Joanna many others were somewhere I guess...

See you guys very soon! Enjoy!

UPDATE: The drink is vodka SOBIESKI! Yam yam!


Fashion's night out!

So here is how it goes! Tonight is Fashion's night out and we are all going to be there! Me and all the fellow bloggers friends are going to wander around downtown Athens. So if you spot us, come and talk to us, we'll be very happy! It's my first FNO and I couldn't be more excited! So guys I'll see you there! And I'm going to count absents! (Kotitsa this is something you don't know about me...)



Small Pleasures (Μικρές Χαρές) 2008 from MovieTeller on Vimeo.

Well I was tagged by fellow blogger m1rto to tell ten things that I love! Right now I am not into anything really! I just try to be optimistic and think of all the things that I want and look at where I want to be... So this video is the most pleasant thing I could think of! It has been awarded, it's not fashion related but it's definitely worth watching! 

Lefteris Eleftheriou
Evgenia Deliali

Narrated by:
Makis Revmatas

Directed by: Constantin Pilavios
Written by: Despina Ladi
Director of photography: Zoe Manta
Music by: Christos Triantafillou
Sound Design by: Teo Babouris
Mixed by: Kostas Varibobiotis
Produced by: MovieTeller films

So it's my turn to tag: A brit greekkotitsa and Frini.

Bye bye loves!


Featured in Style Sample Magazine!

 Ok lovely readers this was what  I was talking about in twitter and in a previous post! Magnificent Tamia, Editor of Style Sample magazine asked me to write an article about the style in my city! So well here it is! I always loved Style Sample because of the very interesting articles about blogging etc. I f you want to read the full version of this just visit: Style Sample at page 16. I am talking about the shopping streets, my favorite designers, Stelios Koudounaris, Celebrity Skin, Mariaflora P, Yiorgos Eleftheriade and  Dukas, my favorite stores like Toi&Moi and Shop.Hope you like it guys! I am so happy that I got to do this and I can't help but wonder. Would all of this happen without you? So thank you for being here and reading my blog! Means a lot to me!


In fashion Shop!

Oh sweet Lord! Just found this Greek eshop that has all these amazing brands shown above! American Vintage and Sack's and Z brand! All comes at your door and you don't even have to own a credit card because you can just pay at your door! Currently they have a bazzar! Run! Run!
Click at InFashion Shop!

Let's go hunting!


British Fashion Awards 2010

The 2010 Ceremony will take place on 7th of December and will award the most influential people from the fashion industry for this year!

Categories are:

Emerging Talent Award - Accessories 

Emerging Talent Award - Ready-to-Wear Notice the nominees here where one of them is ours Mary Katrantzou. Oh I feel proud!

Designer Brand 


Accessory Designer Nicholas Kirkwood between the nominees

Menswear Designer

Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator

Designer of the Year Christopher Cane between the nominees

BFC Outstanding Achievement in Fashion

British Style: open vote.

Find out more here: British Fashion Awards

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