H&M riddle videos...

Carolina Herrera I guess!

Tough one! Seems like Tomas Maier from Bottega Veneta.

The voice is Alber Elbaz's of Lanvin but the figure?

Two more videos on you tube about this riddle! Well I can't guess really but it's very intriguing, don't you think?

Wait till 9th of September to find out the real designers collaboration with h&m!

Sales rock!

This pair of shoes is my new love! Kind of! Had seen it back in November or something from the Balmain rtw which as you all know I adore. Then it hit me once again in March when I saw it at Zara! Now it was about time to have it. So that is what I'm going to wear like a lot this winter.

On other news have you heard of Style Sample Magazine? Well it's an online magazine about fashion, bloggers etc and I read it every month! This September should be a good time to start reading it too! Stay tuned to find out more!

If you are on facebook then take a look at my new facebook fan page!
See you guys! Many things going on so don't be far!


AXDW of course!

Marcel Marongiu, Directeur Artistique of Guy Laroche will be here as well! Can't wait!


Total black,or something like that!

First night out back in town! Went to a summer cinema, maybe for the last time for this year, and saw the Inception which is a great movie by the way! I was wearing the 5 euro dress with a basic black top above it so it looks like a new dress! The fab necklace is from A Brit Greek and a giveaway that I had won some time ago! I totally love it!



Back in business that is! End of holidays! Heads in now! Let's get dirty!


Where am I?

Guys I am so sorry for not being around but I am having the most wonderful holidays ever! I am with the people that I love in my hometown and we prepare ourselves for the tough season that comes! After Zakynthos we decided to make  a small road-sea trip and we took the ferry for Kefalonia and then for Lefkada. It was so much fun and exhausting too! Then I came in my town for a few days and then left again to visit Kerkyra, where I had the most pleasant company from a fellow blogger which I met randomly! How small the world is! Now I am back in my town where I am trying to keep you updated with my summer non fashion adventures! I promise more fashion in the days to come and even more in autumn with AXDW and Athens Fashion Week! Hope you are having a wonderful time as well! Waiting to hear your summer stories! Kisses!

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