DIY: What you can make with 1 euro!

Well couple of days ago I visited fabric store in the center of Athens where I found excellent fabrics with 1 euro/ meter or even less!

I didn't think about it a lot and I bought some fabrics to create some projects!

I bought the white trim that you can see from a store right opposite the previous one which is very good because you don't have to go to many spots!
The good thing about the DIYs is that sometimes they don't turn out as you thought! I say good because I really love when disasters end to something good! Here is my case! I  wanted to create a loose blouse and to use the trim as strap!

Something went totally wrong and I ended up with a strapless blouse which I am not very proud of!

I think I am going to wear it couple of times, after all I made this and it cost only 1 euro and I have some fabric left for another more successful project (I wish)!
Till then guys be creative and don't give up. Thanks for your lovely comments! Don't miss the Meet Market @ six d.o.g.s. I won't!


DIY: Two disasters equal one beauty!

So I am going to confess the most stupid thing that I've done! Some days ago I bought a ring but I didn't try if it fits (how stupid is this)! Anyway, when I realized that it was too small for the finger that I had imagined it on I couldn't accept it! So I put it there! After 2 hours of smart things that I thought for removing it (soap,oil, hot water, cold water, hairdryer don't ask why, lifting my hand up and many many more) the ring wouldn't let me! It stuck there and as I tried the most it stuck! I ended up in a key store where a guy had the courage to try to put it out! I was finally free! And the guilty ring ended up broken! I thought that it deserved it after such a mess that it had caused! Today I rediscovered it along with a broken bracelet!

I thought to recycle those two! The most easy DIY ever! And it led to my new beauty which will always remind me to try before I buy!

What you think of this little devil? Now with the crack it fits perfectly! See you guys!


DIY: The Balmain inspired military shoulderpads

I think I haven't mentioned yet my obsession with Balmain! From the moment I saw the SS10 collection I couldn't take my eyes off the lovely jackets!
So first thought was lets make a DIY project! You will need two shoulderpads not too small not too big!
Some fabric to cover them of any color you like, some trimmed fringes which you can find at any store that sells sewing stuff and you can buy 1 or two meters depends on the shoulderpads and how many rows of fringes you want to add!
As I told you before you should cover the shoulderpads with a cotton fabric for less shining texture.
Then you have to add some fabric on the trim cause else it will be very difficult to sew it directly on the shoulderpads. You can add as many rows of trim as you like!

And here you are!

You can sew them on a tee, dress, jacket whatever you like! Here is mine!

What you think guys? I love them! See you in my next post!


Fashion Algorithms meet Holy Mustache!

Yesterday we went downtown to Gkazi to take a look at
+ HOLY SPRING VINTAGE COLLECTION MARKET +  . Holy is such an amazing guy! We found him there surrounded by those fabulous things and accessories and clothes! He is so inspiring. The most cool thing about him is that he has passion for what he does and every single item is a result of countless hours of searching! Why? To contribute in the greek vintage consciousness and because he likes it of course! We asked him to take some photos of him and he just grabbed this cool leather bag from the new spring collection and said ok! Here is the result!

You can go there till tomorrow, so don't miss it! Here are some cool findings that I spotted and Lena shot!

Searching but can't decide cause I like everything!

This skirt is so Alice in Wonderland!

Oh my lovely dress!

Some pics from the very carefully planned place!Everything was where it should be for extra easy searching!

And of course couldn't leave with empty hands, no one can!
Vintage lover Lena Marini with her new beauty!

Oh my lovely purse!
Btw, I am wearing a DIY blouse ( post coming up) , zara jeans, nine west shoes, h&m accessories and my holy purse!

All photos are form Lena Marini! See you in my next post!

P.S. Guys thank you for all the support! Special thanks to the greek fashion bloggers who welcomed me so generously! You are all gorgeous!


DIY: The Dsquared inspired statement necklace!

When I saw this beauty it was love at first sight! So, I decided to do a DIY project based on this!
Being a recycle freak I used some fabric that was a gift with a Dewars bottle which is used as a case for remote controls. It is soft leather and just love its texture!
 Then the only thing you have to do is use your imagination and create whatever shape with it! Add studs or whatever you think will be more you!

And after some sewing and lot of patience you will have a beauty of your own!
 What you think? Try it and send me some pics to see how you personalized the idea!
Till then be creative and have fun!


Flying High

Hanging out with friends and especially with Lena which is a photographer sometimes involves random photoshoots which lead to a flying blogpost!

After so much flyingI think I will faint! Catch me!

All photos are from Lena Marini.
And of course the photographer couldn't lose this experience.
Are you in the mood of flying when you are with friends?Let me know!
By the way do you like my new header?
See you in my next post! Have fun!


DIY: The clutch bag

You will need a rocking fabric of your taste. A choose a striped one cause I really like stripes!
Also a hard material to make the bag as steady as you want. I found mine at the bottom of a travelling bag. I used to throw them cause they annoy me!From now on I wont!You can make one with hard paper which you will cover with fabric. And at last you will need a plastic transparent material like pvc. I found mine in my chest and it used to be a case for a blanket.
As you can see you don't need to buy many things, actually only the fabric, which can also be skipped if you use an old piece of clothing, even an old pair of jeans, which will create a very dsquared result!
Then cut the fabric and the plastic in the same dimension and sew them together, or use a very very strong transparent glue.I didn't take pictures of the other steps but they are easy!
As I am going to make an envelope bag I will need to fold it in three. Two equal pieces and one smaller which will be the part that is used to open the bag. So the piece that is going to be in the back will be in the middle. there you put the hard material.and you glue it or sew it. You can put some fabric on it so that you have the same fabric inside as outside! Then you fold the other equl piece on the one you just made and you sew only the edges to create a pocket!

You can use buttons, zip or magnet to close the bag! And here is my new beauty!

I used some stones and an old bracelet to decorate it!

Soon  I am going to post a whole outfit with this beauty!
Wait till my next post!


Lakis Gavalas: The stylish genius

A man of style, a genius businessman, the only greek who has designed 2 bags for Hermes,both sold out.
                              photo via http://birkinwatcher.blogspot.com/2009/07/lakis-gavalas.html
He is the person who has told about death that it will be the first day of his life that he is going to wear something that somebody else has picked for him. He has told that many people made laugh of him but he never paid attention, this made him even stronger and stranger. He says that those people now leak him and he proposes to wait till he becomes a stamp to leak him in the back too.
You can watch an amazing interview in greek here: Lakis Gavalas sta akra,
A man that strongly believes that money don't mean style,but in the opposite money ruin style.
That's why he created his brand .lak and temporary(tm) store.

Don't miss his .lak spring/summer 2010 collection live today  at:  fashion first row

You can find out more about lakis gavalas  here and here


My picks from Sense_nu FW 2010/11

The Sense_nu show at AXDW was absolutely amazing. I am a zip fan so it makes sense why I liked the collection so much. I don't have an outfit picture of that day to show you the coincidence that I was wearing zip sweatshirt that day with leather pants. For more information about sense_nu visit their site: Sense_nu

All photos are from the amazing photographer and my axdw buddy Lena Marini


The Lake

Going home for the Easter had no surprises! Hanging out with friends, drinking and doing nothing else but wandering all day! Yet, a visit to Ioannina was such a pleasant surprise! It had been quite a long time since I last visited the place and as I realized, I shouldn't! I'm telling you, it's great! The lake around 8 at night is magnificent. If I had more time I would take the little boats for a ride to the island. You shouldn't miss it.
jacket:Pull and Bear, random tee, waistcoat:Sisley, jeans:Zara, Bag:Lulu Guiness via ebay.

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