Inside out

(photos by Alexandros)

 Hey people! I hope you had a great Christmas ! I am having a great time so far with my loved ones here. I am eating all day as usual during holidays. This is what I wore on Christmas day. And I used this dark lipstick for the first time and I kinda liked it. Gives an extra festive touch on the outfit, don't you think? One of the projects I was talking about in previous posts is about a column that I'll be writing at ntynomai.gr about online shopping and stuff. Unfortunately it will be on greek so I hope my international readers will forgive me for that. I hope you enjoy it! First article is about buying safely from ebay, which I thought would be interesting! It will be up later today! Hope you guys support my new project and if you have any online shopping experience I would be glad to hear from you through email or something! Take care and have fun! It's Christmas after all!

Bustier: H&m
Rings: myfashionfruit

Update: You can read my guest post here



  1. looking good!
    this black dress is really nice :)

  2. alo sexo-koritso apo ki!

    ma ti pipinia pou mou exete gini oles?? :****

  3. looking great,u're right-the dark lipstick gives u festive look!:) i am so glad for the new "activity",congrats!!!!!maybe i'll understand something at the end as i'm going to be in the process of learning greek for at least two months when i come there now...:Dlol

  4. I love the dress with the bustier. And the dark lipstick makes it more edgy. Good luck on your new project!


  5. Kali arxi Katerinaki! Love the lipstick.

  6. Katerina I read your article..pretty helpful I must admit..I never got to understand the "ebay system", so thanks!!!
    as fas as it concerns your outfit, you look very sexy hehe
    loving your lipstick!! have a merry merry christmas dear :) xxx

  7. Love that dress! Congratulations on your column too! That's so exciting, best of luck!!


    .but i like it.

  8. love teh socks w/the boots, really nice!
    feel free to follow xxo

  9. you look great and love your shoes!:) happy new year!

  10. Xronia Polla kitty Kat! May 2011 bring you all the good stuff!!!

    Have fun with your loved ones beautiful!


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