Trend: Retro Headphones

Retro headphones are in fashion! So next time don't use tiny earphones with your i-pod!

Photos via: Stockholm Street style / Audio Chi / Mary Jane girl / Dimitris Strepkos photo by life full of fashion



  1. The collection really does. Soon we'll be bale to compare and contrast:)

  2. h alh8ia einai oti mou aresoun, alla posa akoma na xoresei h taleporh tsada..mikrenoun ta ipod...megalwnoun ta akoustiika????


  3. her shoes are cool.

    Take a peek, our first blog

    Hope you will enjoy it!!
    Best regards from Sweden! :)

  4. Hate to say it but headphones that look good usually sound crap! I prefer ear candy to eye candy :P

    There might be one exception... http://www.koss.com/koss/kossweb.nsf/p?openform&pc^pt^PortaPro

    And there you have it, my first and probably only time posting on your blog :P


  5. @dave ha!There you are! Happy to have you here! Even without commenting! What you've been doing crazy man? How are your reptiles?

  6. Reptiles are fine, though it's strange to be hissed at by snakes again.

    The dog is a bigger problem.

    BTW - if the headphones are just meant to be accessories that just highlights the superficiality of fashion doesn't it? :P


  7. dave I think you are 2 hours back! Difficult time for my greek self to analyze this! But people who say that they don't care about fashion, they are fooling themselves! Fashion is everywhere even if you don't want to admit it! Haven't seen you wandering around with this outfit: http://www.mediaman.com.au/profiles/crocodile_hendo.jpg so... Somewhere deep inside you do have a style (or something). Hahaa!

  8. Yes but on the other hand you wouldn't call me trendy would you? I wear practical things and you hit a nerve with the headphones I guess :D

    Are you saying I'm 2 hours behind the times btw? :P

  9. fashion is about persona style dave! trends are just there to adjust them! you are centuries behind the times but that's another story! i meant the gmt thing!

  10. Good answer! I still stand by my original comment though :D (because I'm centuries behind!)

  11. sorry to say that but vintage is in fashion dave, which makes you trendy!

  12. you always have something clever to say you do!

  13. don't own an ipod but i'd still wear them! who'd notice they're plugged to...my purse?! :)

  14. im the kind of person who might :P

  15. Hey Katerinaki! Poly kalo to trend kai zestainei kai ta autia ama kanei kryo!

    Thanx gia to comment♥♥ Ki egw nomizo oti einai to kalutero pou exw ftiaxei mexri tora kai eimai poly xaroumeni:D

  16. Hahaha, I had a pair of these back in the day. I actually bought them for my daily commute on public transportation. wanted big headphones so people would see that I was in my own world listening to music and they shouldn't bother me. : )


  17. Πολύ καλό! Είχε βγάλει και το H&M κάτι τέλεια τετοια ακουστικά! Περιττό βεβαια να πω ότι κοιτούσα τη φωτογραφία του Δημητρη 5 λεπτά μεχρι να καταλάβω ότι είναι δική μου! :p

  18. Selfcredit xaxaxaxa so funny..ma kai si re katerina na pairneis photos kai na mi to les den ntrepesai ligo aporo pos se exoun kai kikloforeis akoma eleutheri xaxaxaxaxxa


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