Fashion Algorithms for Fashion Bloggers: Alecca Rox

I decided to share with you my favorite greek (for now) fashion bloggers in a rather unusual way! 
You've seen this method on this blog before! It's something I am using to picture the clothes I like! I've been asked about the techinque and it's mostly drawing, collage and a strong dose of photoshop!

So, my first feautured blogger is Alecca Rox! She is my most favorite fashion blogger and the one that I first started reading! Like I told her she is my hero when it comes to fashion news and greek fashion designers! I know how much she likes and supports greek designers so I dressed her with some clothes from greek designers head to toe! I hope she likes it!

 Jacket: Barbarigos
Pants: Dimitri Zafiriou
Clutch: Anna Economou
Shoes: Dexim

More favorite greek fashion bloggers coming soon!


  1. this is great! very talented you are missy! :0

  2. AWESOME! Alecca was the first blog I started ready too!

  3. ooohhh i'm SO flattered!
    and very impressed too, this could well be me.

    love it and i'm gonna blog it straight away. so looking forward to the other profiles you'll be making next too.

    *small correction, Celebrity Skin only announced they'll be making shoes for Dexim, they have not actually designed them yet, the ones here are Dexim by Dexim;)

  4. oh thanks alecca! Corrected it! I am so glad that yoy liked that!

  5. Wow, this is so cool hun! Love this!

    Alecca's was my first blog I checked out for anything Fashion related when I first moved here. It was such a relief that it was written in English too!


  6. That's a great job you did!! Love the concept and the execution!!

  7. thank you guys! you know that you all make me smile with your comments and in a way you are the ones who inspire me!

  8. den uparxeis!!! ma ti allo tha doume epitelous apo sena!!??? you are indeed super talented. and you always do something different and you stand out. congrats again and again. And you know what? Aleccarox is indeed our fav!!!!!!!!! good choice lady and great imaginary aleccarox outfit!! adooooore like no other!!

  9. τι τέλεια ιδέααα!!μπράβο χαι τεκ κορίτσι μας!!καλά πιστέυω θα χουν τρελό ενδιαφέρον αυτά τα ποστάκια σου!θα περιμένουμε με αγωνία τα επόμενα!!

  10. Ti teleio! Agapame Alecca Rox kai Fashion Algorithms fusika:D

  11. love it!!! very original idea!

    keep up!! :))

  12. oh wow, excellent, she looks awesome! really cool technique, very unusual, bravo! x


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