Eilis Boyle


 Eilis Boyle was born in the Carribean from an Iris-Spanish family. I don't remember how I discovered her blog but since then I am loyal follower and huge admirer of her work! Not only she creates stunning pieces but she has some very interesting opinions on fashion subjects and a very down to earth approach to the fashion industry! You can read an amazing Q & A post on her blog which more or less justifies what I am talking about! I also recommend to read the section titled "Not so silent ramblings..." which is very interesting too! Her blog is a huge inspiration and I am still in the process of reading previous posts, getting to know her work etc!

 Now good news are that this blog will participate on the launch of Eilis Boyle 10th collection fashion film! As far as I know it's the only Greek fashion blog to do so! This means that on this Friday 12th of November at 8 pm Greece time (GMT+2) you are going to watch the film here on fashion algorithms blog! Mark the date on your calendars because I've seen the material and, believe me, you don't want to miss this!



  1. The last one is amazing!!!!

  2. beautiful photos! thank you for sharing Ellis Boyle with me! very gorgeous!

    menina elegante

  3. Amazing shots, beautiful dresses.:D

    Loving the last one, just stunning!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. wraia rouxa!
    tha koitaksw kai to blog tis!
    sigxaritiria kai gia tin exclusive simmetoxi!eisai panta ena vima mprosta!!

  5. Super inspiring photoshoot, latrevw to sygkekrimeno styl.

  6. These dresses are a dream! I am in love with the last 2 dresses! Love it±


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