Christoforos Kotentos showroom

Christofor Kotentos is a famous designer not only in Greece but all over the world! His clothes are unique and his designs are innovative! So these days he is having a bazaar at his showroom in Sahtouri 3, Psyrri with sales 70% off! So run for your own Kotentos piece! I love his sword trademark!
This leather jacket I am wearing is my fave along with the snake skin cropped one. Don't miss it!
This post would be impossible without Chara, because I forgot my memory card so I used her camera! Thanks Chara!



  1. phges k esu?
    polu sou paei to jacket! alh8eia! ;D

  2. @Muki Mu leipei o martis apo ti sarakosti? Ma me ayta eimai san paidaki se zaxaroplasteio.... You should have known by far! Ha ha!

  3. μμμ σιγά αν σου πω εμείς τι ωραία που περάσαμε αναπτύσσοντας προτάσεις διαχειριστικής πολιτικής για τα νησια Tonga, Tuvalu και τα νησιωτικά κράτη του Ειρηνικού εν γένει θα σκάσεις απο τη ζήλεια σου και θα εύχεσαι να ήσουν μαζί μου.(αααα ήθελα τη βολτίτσα στου Kotentos-καθότι και διεθνής ο Κρις- μα πιο πολύ ήθελα κουβέντα μαζί σου!!).Μου λειψαν αυτά!!

  4. Oh you are so sweet and so welcome!
    ax akoma ta skeftomai.. itan ola uperoxa!!


  5. wwww sou paei polu to jacket!
    imoun sigouri oti tha pas!

  6. Awesome! Love those mesh booties.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. Our header was made by an illustrator on Etsy.

  7. Nice outift and I am loving those shoes!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. μα είναι για τόοοσες αλητείες αυτό το δερμάτινο!!!!

  9. Thanks for your comments guys! Actually the jacket was a little big for me! But I loved it anyways!

  10. missing athens..love that jacket too


  11. po exasa polla post me to kwlodiavasma!
    pes mu poso gamato einai to dermatino pou dokimases? poso ekane?psaxnw ena teleio styl peripou arketa klassiko!sti timi den xerw vevaia...

  12. to jacket gyrw sta 300 nomizw me tin ekptwsi! ttwra xwris den proseksa!

  13. love the post!! Ta rouxa tou ine telia. The leather jacket rocks!

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