Toi & moi again and again




As you have guessed the photoshoot was about Toi & Moi . Toi&moi is a greek brand that lately has expanded to other countries and we hope for more in the future! But apart from the stores toi &moi will launch their e-shop too! The e-fashion store where there will be a special category for fashionistas with exclusive clothes that you can only find online, with us fashion bloggers as models! 
Apart from an innovative brand Toi&moi is an excellent host as well. They treated us so nicely with all the food and the smiles and those yam yam sweets that the creative director prepared specially for us!  Hara Tsoureka , marketing director, was the soul behind all this! Thank you Hara for everything!
On other news Toi&moi joined forces with Essie and now you can find Essie on Toi&moi stores! Run to get yours! I got mine!

Ps: I am preparing a video "behind the scenes" to show you so stay tuned!
Thanks Kristen for the first photo!

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 So this period of my life is the time of changes! Apart from the fact that I am taking my degree which means that I am not a student anymore, my boyfriend is moving to another town as well. Something happy with something bitter, the story of my life! As you have noticed I have changed the appearance of my blog and I have had my hair dyed a tone or two lighter... I hope the next change in my life would be for something good.

Vest: toi&moi (comes with this jacket, watch the video for details)
 dress: h&m
shorts: zara


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Guessing Game!

 Where am I? What am I doing there? I've gave you clues! Expect more from that Saturday morning and not only by me....

Thanks to Kristen for the photos!


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Fashion Algorithms for Fashion Bloggers: Joanaddicted

 Joanaddicted from ordinary pulse is my second illustration! I just love this blog and the girl behind it! She is the most outgoing, always happy, free spirit I know! Not to mention the beautiful photos that she takes and her wonderful portraits! I still can't understand why she named her blog ordinary pulse while she is so extraordinary! Go joanna!

Shirt: Lukas
Pants: Ourania Kay
Shoes: Dukas
Purse: Ippolito


Cartoon Inspiration: Pocahontas

Necklace: Paul Sarz
Boots: Minetonka



Fashion Algorithms for Fashion Bloggers: Alecca Rox

I decided to share with you my favorite greek (for now) fashion bloggers in a rather unusual way! 
You've seen this method on this blog before! It's something I am using to picture the clothes I like! I've been asked about the techinque and it's mostly drawing, collage and a strong dose of photoshop!

So, my first feautured blogger is Alecca Rox! She is my most favorite fashion blogger and the one that I first started reading! Like I told her she is my hero when it comes to fashion news and greek fashion designers! I know how much she likes and supports greek designers so I dressed her with some clothes from greek designers head to toe! I hope she likes it!

 Jacket: Barbarigos
Pants: Dimitri Zafiriou
Clutch: Anna Economou
Shoes: Dexim

More favorite greek fashion bloggers coming soon!


The 3 words interview by Myrto Stamou

 Photos by myrtostamou.gr last photo by Joannaddicted (3 designers in a row, go Joanna)

Myrto Stamou is a new designer who drew my attention some time ago when she won the Best Womenswear award at Graduates Fashion Week in the University of the Creative Arts in 2009! As a result her winning collection was feautured all over Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and not only here in Greece.
While studying Economics here in Greece she also  attended fahion design at Veloudakis school. She has worked with many famous names in the fashion industry such as Hannah Marshall and River Island with whom she collaborated and designed dresses inspired by her winning collection. In the photo above she was snapped by Joanna wearing one of them! 
I love her designs because they are minimal and always elegant with respect to the woman's body! Flowy fabrics, drapped in nude and pastel tones everything a modern woman would ask for!
I thought it would be nice to introduce you to her now that she came back in hometown and is preparing her studio and her new collection!

Three words about your line 
Instinct, Eagerness, Creativity 
Three favorite greek designers     
Yiorgos Eleftheriades , Filep Motwary, Parthenis 
Three favorite international designers 
Alber Elbaz, Sophia Kokosalaki, Yigal Azrouel 
Three top influences   
Surrealism,  Grecian dress, Minimalism
Three top sources of inspiration    
Favorite painters, Nature, Architecture  
Three random things about you    
Like travelling,  Dislike solidity,  Hate stressing out
Three clues about your upcoming collection 
Female body and bones, Lightness, Draping
Three dreams for the future  
To keep falling in love with fashion every day, To make  people feel the same way, To create

 Κeep an eye on her cause something sounds very promising about her upcoming collection...



Eilis Boyle 10th Collection


Christmas mood

Obviously I want Christmas to come as soon as possible! Found this shopping window in Kolonaki last night! Isn't it great? Also I had my hair butchered yesterday, it's not very obvious here but it's something I am dealing with at the moment! I used to cry when I had my hair cut more than I wanted in the past but now I am more optimistc! After all they are just hair! Don't forget that tonight at 8 pm this blog will be hosting the online launch of Eilis Boyle 10th collection so stay tuned!
Be the first to watch it!

dress: h&m



Christoforos Kotentos showroom

Christofor Kotentos is a famous designer not only in Greece but all over the world! His clothes are unique and his designs are innovative! So these days he is having a bazaar at his showroom in Sahtouri 3, Psyrri with sales 70% off! So run for your own Kotentos piece! I love his sword trademark!
This leather jacket I am wearing is my fave along with the snake skin cropped one. Don't miss it!
This post would be impossible without Chara, because I forgot my memory card so I used her camera! Thanks Chara!



Τalking about Toi & moi!

Remember this post? Well here is the video we shot the other day under difficult weather conditions in the toi&moi van! What a concept! I have talked you before about how much I love toi&moi clothes and you can see the jacket I am showing on the video wearing it here! Next buy would be the maxi skirt and the booties! For the time being the video is only in greek but we shot it on english too and I'll post this version as soon as it's ready! Anyways fashion has a universal language of its own! So watch my anxious self reapeating "also I wanna show you". Thanks toi-moi!

Update: The english version is now up!


Fashion Algorithms goes theatre!

 Good things should be told! Today I watched this performance "Ta leme..tou xronou" which means "See you...next year". It was indeed very interesting and fun from two young yet very talented actors: Nikos Vatikiotis and Athina Arseni. It is based on the theatrical play by Bernard Slade "Same time, next year".
We laughed our hearts out and we met Lukas since he designed some of the costumes, which by the way where amazing,( but you should have guessed that since I mentioned Lukas)! The lady with Lukas is Vivi and she always wears Lukas designs to make me jealous! Isn't this jacket amazing on her?
On the play, I always admire actors who play in a small place where you can see the faces of the people and their reactions, since I don't have this acting skill! You shouldn't miss this! Find out more here!

Directed by: Lotofagoi
Actors: Nikos Vatikiotis, Athina Arseni
Styling: Sophia Christina Raditsa
Photographer: Fyllis Pappas
PR manager: Hlias Gerafenti
Designer: Lukas
Choreographer: May Channa



Eilis Boyle


 Eilis Boyle was born in the Carribean from an Iris-Spanish family. I don't remember how I discovered her blog but since then I am loyal follower and huge admirer of her work! Not only she creates stunning pieces but she has some very interesting opinions on fashion subjects and a very down to earth approach to the fashion industry! You can read an amazing Q & A post on her blog which more or less justifies what I am talking about! I also recommend to read the section titled "Not so silent ramblings..." which is very interesting too! Her blog is a huge inspiration and I am still in the process of reading previous posts, getting to know her work etc!

 Now good news are that this blog will participate on the launch of Eilis Boyle 10th collection fashion film! As far as I know it's the only Greek fashion blog to do so! This means that on this Friday 12th of November at 8 pm Greece time (GMT+2) you are going to watch the film here on fashion algorithms blog! Mark the date on your calendars because I've seen the material and, believe me, you don't want to miss this!



Brands Galaxy

 This is a quick post just to let you know about this new site Brands Galaxy!
 It's the first private shopping club in Greece!  It runs some campaigns periodically with some famous brands in very low prices! It's by invitation only so if you want to be a member just click on this link to invite you! Just put your email in the space provided under my name! Upcoming campaigns: Costas Faliakos, Timberland, Raxevsky, Nautica and many others!
And you can pay your orders at your door if you don't trust credit cards transactions!



Trend: Retro Headphones

Retro headphones are in fashion! So next time don't use tiny earphones with your i-pod!

Photos via: Stockholm Street style / Audio Chi / Mary Jane girl / Dimitris Strepkos photo by life full of fashion



Lukas Inspired

 The jacket is another craving from Lukas SS2011 collection!
The  over the knee boots are from Zara!


Paris Je t'aime

Latest craving those shearling booties! Size 38 please!
Reminder: Name day November 25 in case you forgot!



Lanvin for H&m!

This blog had guessed a while ago that the collaboration of H&m would be Lanvin!Alber Elbaz made his miracle once again and these are the results of Lanvin's collaboration with h&m! I just love them all! They hit the stores at 23/11! Ladies and gents get ready for some serious pushing!


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