Sotiris Georgiou SS2011

 Sotiris Georgiou ss2011 show was named Forms, and it came to justify its name! First of all the selection of the place Cine Deksameni was absolutely genius! Very familiar and warm I guess to all athenians (we have all watched a movie there, isn't it?). Beautifully shaped dresses for the women and men pants that fitted amazingly! Dominant color was blue and style was mostly navy! Personal favorite was the cape dresses that were stunning and the platforms that I adored! Gray with a red and white braid! Not to mention this gray trench that was stunning! Minimal and chic! Just amazing! Conrats to Mr Georgiou!
Many fashion bloggers were there so go to my blogroll and start searching other posts for another view of the show! I also met there beautiful and talented designer Myrto Stamou and you will soon have many news regarding her and her plans...! So stay tuned for more! And of course my fashion buddy sweet Marie Estella was there! Fashion week is coming guys! Be here!!!!

Trench: Zara
Pants: Sisley
Satchel: Zara



  1. nice to see you there, kisses!

  2. ta rouxa einai monadika...monternes grammes oso prepei xwris na ginontai too edgy..latrepsa ta botinia!!!eiste 2 koukles kai ta papoutsia tis marias einai thanatos!sou pane toooooso ta xrwmata paizei na nai kai i prwti fora pou se vlepw xwris kamia leptomereia mauri(ante ta papoutsia den pianontai)
    fili thalassino

  3. Teleia! Latreuw ton syndiasmo xrwmatwn stin prwti photo!

  4. Αναρωτιέμαι αν μ αρέσουν πιο πολύ τα δικά σου παπούτσια ή των μοντέλων!Can t decide though!I want both of them!

  5. Great stuff here - and those shoes! Gah!

  6. great picturez, love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think



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