Simeoni SS2011

Ok this girl in the first and last photo has caught my attention since day 1 of athens fashion week when I took her portrait here ! Her name is Gloria and every day she kicks some serious asses on the catwalk! Not only she is gorgeous but she is super tall and with a great style on stage! Thumbs up for Gloria!
As you noticed we got our seats back! At least I could take some decent pictures from that place! Did I mention that it was great hair day today after yesterday's rain?



  1. kala emeis oi 2 tha tin exoume katamatia3ei tin kopela toses meres!gallides paidi mou ti perimeneis..oi apolites ginaikes pour moi!i prwti foto einai katapliktiki!stin telautaia foto den tin gnwrisa na sou pw tin aleithia..nomiza pws itan alli..

  2. yeap gloria really stands out this fw


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