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 This Kimono jacket is one of my favorite pieces that I have in my closet! I love it because of the color and for the different shape! I mean it's a kimono, right? Bought it at Shop's bazaar in a very low price but the belt was missing so I was using a fabric one that I lost too! Have to find another one! Any suggestions of what I should use? Stay tuned because I have many surprises for you the upcoming days!

Jacket: Collage Social



  1. love it!!!! this is one amazing and different jacket for sure!!
    i love your heels too girl!

    kiss kiss*

  2. peran tou oti einai fobero to jacket ena exw na pw..eides xtes efialth sthn kouzina??8a pe8anw apo ta gelia...mwrh ti thn 8es thn aswmath koukla???koukles eixe k aytos pou kalese ton mpotrini na ka8ontai sta trapezia gia na exei leei kosmo to magazi!!

  3. Oooh love the kimono!
    Belt: How about a wide satin ribbon or a pretty scarf - the long semi skinny ones in a print or something?

  4. Po po! Love it! Egw tha to dokimaza kai me psilofardia dermatini zoni gia akoma pio ksexoristo styl!

  5. polu kalo!
    asinithisto alla stylato...

  6. @Brit Greek Haven't thought of the scarf! Sounds great!
    @Maddie Indeed! A leather belt would be just great!

    Thanks guys for the advice!


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