Nikos-Takis SS2011

 Nikos-Takis show was even bigger than Aslanis! Nearly an hour and was really tiring! It was full of haute couture dresses which I can't even imagine how expansive they were with all those swarovski crystals and laces and luxurious fabrics! I am still trying to figure out the reason for so much money and effort above all! I mean where the hell a greek woman would wear this silver dress? This is my opinion of course! You can spot Dimitra from Next Top Model.


  1. Mprosta se auto to theama tha siopisw giati meta k to proigoumeno tha me peite kakistro sto telos!

  2. OMG, that wedding dress is as wide as the catwalk!

  3. @Lopi I have an even bigger one that was worn by Dimiitra who couldn't even walk with it! Not tah she can anyway!

    @Maddie I wanted to comment on your previous comment to inform you about this!

  4. Καλά..Τώρα κοψοφλεβιάστικα!Έχασα και Εύα Λάσκαρη!omg!

    6 DOGS rocked last night!wish u were there1

  5. kati lito ki aperito gia na pas gia ena kafe,mia bolta sta magazia...popo oute se gamo den ta forane pia!!protimo tou aslani!

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