Lukas SS2011

 I WANT THE ABOVE JACKET! (shaking pic because of my excitement)

Ok I am very enthusiastic about today's show of Lukas! Totally my taste and the clothes I like for the time being! Powerful, contemporary but still feminine! Admit that reminded me of Balmain but still remaining unique and fresh! According to mr Lukas: " Edgy,fresh,innovative,sexy,avant-gard: 5 words that describe exactly the Spring Summer Collection.
This season it's about power+control. LUKAS woman is determined to conquer everything.
An edgy collection with futuristic touch, provocative and austere.
Luxurious fabrics,innovative details, new proportions. For all todays' amazons.
Remember: "What shock u today,is tommorow's trend!"
Also I spotted how professionally everything was planned ! From the concept which was clear and stated this way, the styling with attention to the detail (even the nails where painted black), the shoes which were great and even the music which was exactly in the spirit of the show! Also everything was flowing gently and well programmed, which is not common these days!
Congrats to Mr Lukas for this wonderful show! I am an official fan of Lukas!



  1. Prwton eisai foveri gia tin amesi antapokrisi. TELOS. deuteron pragmatika ta rouxa einai toso esi,kai na min to eleges tha sto episimana egw.mou ftia3es to kefi alitheia einai san na imoun dipla sou ekei sti gnwsti mas thesi.
    kai mena mou aresoun arketa oi dinamikes twn rouxwn, kai epitelous kati pio monterno re aderfe!

  2. aaaaaaaaa episis thelw to nude black sakaki stin 13 foto twraaaaaa

  3. einai yperoxo! opws ola! nothing feels the same without you next to me! <3

  4. η περιγραφή σου είναι spot on!!!!
    χάρηκα που τα είπαμε, see you soon!

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