LaQuan Smith SS2011

 LaQuan Smith is a young designer from Queens who presented his new collection yesterday at AXDW. It was very impressive and I liked many pieces. They were sexy and feminine and presented this way with models catwalking free and smiley! As the professional eye of Mr Lukas observed the outfits kinda reminded of those of Rihanna. And he was absolutely right. LaQuan Smith has made custom clothes for Rihanna, Lady Gaga and other artists. He is very talented in my opinion and we were very lucky to have him at AXDW and watch this show!



  1. apo to mple forema me tis pagietes kai meta m aresoun trelaaa!!
    eidika to mple to 8elw!

  2. I'm going doo-lally over the hotness of the colours - yum! Great pics kitty Kat!


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