Greek Fashion Schools SS2011 (Intergraphics)

 Ok the outfits from this school kind reminded me of Celebrity Skin! As I realized in the end Dimitris Strepkos of Celebrity Skin is teaching at Intergraphics so the whole Celebrity Skin resemblance made some sense! From this show the outfit that caught my attention was the one in the last photo! From the moment I saw it on the catwalk I fell in love with it! In the end all the designers came on catwalk with their models and there it was! Konstantina Agaliou holding the model with my favorite outfit! I met Konstantina at this Fashion Week and she told me that she is going to present her work today but I didn't know which was hers! And in the end I realized that my fave was designed by her so I couldn't be more excited! The dress looks much better than my blurry photo so I promise that I'll post a better as soon as I find one! Keep your eyes on her!


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