Greek Fashion Schools SS2011 (IEK Akmi)

Does the first outfit look familiar? Oh yes! If you remember this post then you guessed right! It's Lukas Alifragis! My personal favorite from this school and this fashion week in general! I met him in person and I was able to congratulate him for his SS collection and for this piece! He is very down to earth and approachable! I liked him as much as his clothes! And I can tell you that he didn't even mention that the outfit that you see on the first picture is an awarded one! Oh yes! After some research I found that he won the first prize at Heering World Championship 2009 over at Singapore in Fashion Mixing and drink designing and was given the chance to present the collection we saw few days ago at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS2011 with a great success! It's good to hear such great news for a new designer like him! Go Lukas!



  1. ooo this is good... much better than iek volou...

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