Jean-Michel Basquiat for Zara!

I was in Zara the other day and I felt like home when I saw these tees! You see Jean-Michele Basquiat is one of my favorite artists and I have a print of one of his work on my wall (the last one which there is on tee too)! I will probably take one tee for myself although they are from the men collection! Next step would be Jasper Johns since Pepe Jeans has a whole line dedicated to my man aka Andy Warhol!


  1. kt mou leei oti 8a parw ena gia dwro gia to boyfriend...k 8a t foraw k egw! ;)

  2. aaa aaa aaa Basquiat - respect!!!!! i havent been to Zara like ages!!! it is about time!! hm, men's dpt in my closet.. sounds cool!

  3. Very cool! Haven't been into a Zara lately... did you buy one?

  4. Ena wraio kai prosegmeno T-shirt panta dinei mia easygoing nota stous antres! Poly wraia kommatia.

  5. would like to buy some shirts
    but i cant find out were i can do that'
    i like shirts you see here .
    can some one help me

  6. hello@ Unfortunately there is no way that you can find these tees at Zara now cause this is a line that they had smth like a year or so ago. There's always the option of printing one on your own.

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