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If you are a regular here you maybe know that now I am a happy blogger! I found a satchel bag that really reminds me of mulberry alexa and this is the first time to style it!  I love my new bag and you will be seeing it really really often here so be kind! I am also wearing a tee that used to be my mother's when she was pregnant to me! It really reminds me of miu miu past summer collection! Love it! Also the necklace is a gift from my boyfriend that he designed for me! It used to have a small chain so it was high on the neck where I don't like to wear such kind of necklaces. So I just joined two chains and here it goes! Hope you like it!

pants: Zara
tee: vintage
satchel: Zara
booties: Zara
necklace: handmade gift
watch: D&G


  1. i love this outfit!!!
    especially the bag....and the shoes....and the pants....ok, i love it all!!
    how cute the boy's gift...!!

    kiss kiss*

  2. k gw 8aymazw to neof8inopwrino sou stylaki!!!

  3. Nice outfit and I love your bag!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. thanks girls! you make my day panta!

  5. like ur style! ;D
    I'll follow u,follow me back if u want:)http://www.filosophyes.com x


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