Fashion bloggers night out!


Fashion's night out was so much anticipated by all of us and we were rewarded! We had so much fun just wandering, watching fashion crowd, listening to music, drinking amazing cocktails and chit chatting pretty much about everything! First stop Benetton and Sisley, then Manolo, then .lak, then around and Mourloukoukou in the end! I want more fashion's nights out please!!!!!!!! One video is better than 1000 words so watch us in all our fashion glory....

Partners in crime. Athena, Jo, Marie, Haritini, Thalia, Elena, Joanna many others were somewhere I guess...

See you guys very soon! Enjoy!

UPDATE: The drink is vodka SOBIESKI! Yam yam!


  1. eiste oles uperoxa ntumenes! elpizw na perasate teleia!

  2. Το ξέρεις ότι ζηλεύω!

  3. koukles eiste
    jealous jealous jealous

  4. zhlevw dramatika pou den exoume analoga drwmena sth Thessalonikh! Koukles, respect!

  5. Teleies photos koritsi!!! Kapou tha synantithoume..........:))

  6. Eyxaristw koritsia! Thelw toso na gnwristoume oles!

  7. trelokaberes!!!

    o klooun tou video...alimono ;)

    eprepe na se vgaloume me piso ta maliaaaa....dn fenete to klolie!

  8. Κοριτσάκια πολύ χαίρομαι που σας βλέπω μαζεμένες! Εγώ ήμουν σε αεροπλάνο μεγάλης διάρκειας εκείνη τη νύχτα αλλά η σκέψη μου ήταν κοντά σας! Κούκλες όλες! Ελπίζω να τα πούμε από κοντά σύντομα!


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