Total black,or something like that!

First night out back in town! Went to a summer cinema, maybe for the last time for this year, and saw the Inception which is a great movie by the way! I was wearing the 5 euro dress with a basic black top above it so it looks like a new dress! The fab necklace is from A Brit Greek and a giveaway that I had won some time ago! I totally love it!


  1. Love your totally black look!You look fabulous on your tan.

    Hugs from Rabat!


  2. welcome back....i want to win a giveaway too lol

  3. ti teleio to kolie!!!
    kalh h tainia aliheia ???

  4. Hey sweets...

    You look fabulous! The necklace looks great on you!
    Much love, x.o.x.o


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