Sales rock!

This pair of shoes is my new love! Kind of! Had seen it back in November or something from the Balmain rtw which as you all know I adore. Then it hit me once again in March when I saw it at Zara! Now it was about time to have it. So that is what I'm going to wear like a lot this winter.

On other news have you heard of Style Sample Magazine? Well it's an online magazine about fashion, bloggers etc and I read it every month! This September should be a good time to start reading it too! Stay tuned to find out more!

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See you guys! Many things going on so don't be far!



  2. poso sas zhleuw pou boreite kai perpatate kai stekeste panw se takounia skalwsies...egw den to exw opote mexri 8 pontous to polli kai auta spania (molis propersi agorasa ta prwta psila papoutsia, mexri tote ola itan flat)..megeia katerinaki, einai super kai 3erw oti esi pou to xeis to thema tha ta timiseis deontws

  3. din din my first high heels where 5 cm and I couldn't even stand on my feet! Now i am so used to it that I can't wear less than 10cm! see you soon... very soon!

  4. ma para polu rock papoutsi!! megeies koritsi, kaloforeta!;)
    kiss kiss*

  5. You'll rock this city,girl!!!


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