Audi A1 presentation!

So yesterday was an ordinary day for me! I just took my little boat, one of which are shown on the first picture and went for a ride! Nah I am just kidding! Truth is I did went for a ride with my bf at marina floisvou to check out the presentation of the new Audi A1. Well boyfriend says it's a cool car but I am just a girl dunno! I just liked the white stripe, stripes are in fashion, and its Valentino red! Although I wouldn't buy a red car! And of course I really liked the touch screen which as bf explained is a navigator, a sound system, dvd player blah blah blah! It's good for navigation but who needs a dvd player while traveling! Pff!


  1. Just found your blog through "Grit and Glamour", I love your blog<3
    xo Lynzy

  2. theleio! ax xreiazomai diplwma odighshs! :P

  3. Cool outfit! =)
    And about the car... I want one! hahaha


  4. Pretty flash ride girl!

    What is it with men and fast cars?

    p.s you look beautiful as usual!

  5. thank you guys! I need a driving license too Mary Jane! I don't know what is going on with men and fast cars, but smth is going on for sure! kisses!

  6. Ohh wow what a discussion is going on here. Interesting! I think you guys are good sense of humor. ha ha ha...


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