Happy Queen!

Why am I happy?

After this post by Ourania I couldn't miss the chance to visit Queen and see the beautiful pieces for myself! Like a step-in closet Queen is full of little treasures selected by its tasteful owner Konstantinos.

Lately Konstantinos joined the blog sphere by creating a blog just for us girls! By visiting Queen and letting him take some photos of you wearing Queeen's clothes and publish them on his blog you are instantly nominated as Queen and if he chooses you, you will be able to have a super offer. With every 100 euros you buy you will be given another 50 euros worth of items! Isn't this fabulous? Contact Konstantinos on facebook and let the game begin!

Surprises don't end here at Queen! At the moment there are Happy Sales at Queen up to 60% off! Aren't you excited yet? Well, if you say that you are a reader of this blog and purchase 100 euros worth items you will be given a gift 25 euros worth!

What else might I say to convince you visit Queen?

My favorites are the little black dress, but i guess you know this already if you are reading this blog,  the blouse with the shoulder pads, which is not a surprise as well, and the knitted dress with the magnificent back!Oh everything was fabulous!

Celebrity Skin,two in a gondola,EYEDOLL, Rene Derhy,TONY COHEN,Ian Mosh,Gypsy 05,Color Springles,Rosalita Mc Gee,Sweet Dreams,Les Petites ...,ba&sh,Mellow Yellow,Rebeca Sanver
Lola Cruz,Mina's,Meet The Cat,M C P

Queen :Drosini 9, Kifisiá, Greece, 14562 (Kifisia square)
Tel:+30 210 62 32 011


  1. What a lovely shop.I would love to shop there.Th last dress is my fav.


  2. Wow! This is so fantastic!!! You look amazing in the all black frock and heels too! Gorgeous is all the pics hun!

    Hope you're well babe!

  3. i like the way konstantinos is reaching out to women, plus the outfits you tired on are all so unique!

  4. i proti fotografia einai po tis pio oraies sou pou exo dei....kisses

  5. Thanks girls for the fab comments! You make me smile!

  6. Thanks Katerina !!!
    you are Fabulous ...

    girls ... don't be shy !!!
    send me a message @

    and maybe you will be My Queen !!!

  7. baby you look greattttttt! love the black dress with the balmain shoulders and the gorgeous back of the knitted one! girl, you had serious fun!!!

  8. You tried on some really great pieces!

  9. Exete katastima Mellow Yellow sthn Ellada??

  10. @Zoe Ayto pou gnwrizw me sigouria einai oti sto queen stin kifisia pou grafw sto post exei kapoia kommatia! Parapanw den gnwrizw! Tha kanw mia ereyna kai tha sou pw!


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