Bloggers rule in the fashion industry!

 After this interesting post of a brit greek I coudn't help but wonder how many bloggers do find jobs through their blogs? After a little research I found the most interesting things that bloggers do in fashion industry. Apart from Tavi who recently was employed to do styling for Christine Staub for the September issue of the magazine. [The Cut] , we have many other examples. The most outstanding one is that garance dore was recruited by love moschino to shoot its latest autumn/winter 2010 - 2011 campaign. Of course I couldn't leave out Rumi Neely of fashiontoast who was employed to model for forever 21 and can be seen at Times Square in New York. She also got to design her own line for rvca.  Hanneli Mustaparta is also employed from time to time as photographer, model etc. She was also assigned to design her own lipstick and she collaborates with vogue.com.  Of course there are many others like Face Hunter and PS I made this and the Sartorialist of course who now published books with material from their blogs. What more you want to be convinced that bloggers do have a heart for fashion?

Pictures belong to the corresponding blogs.


  1. It's awesome to see just how much bloggers affect the fashion industry! I love all of these bloggers :)
    xox cathy.

  2. Hey Kat, Thanks for sharing.

    Social Marketing is definitely something that has helped launch the awareness of certain, individual fashion blogger's out there & also provided them with a platform to help get work through their blogs as you have shown in this post.
    In a project I worked on years ago, I remember when Bebo, Twitter, etc was launched and how it was so important for the company to use all these difference facets of media to promote the brand and reach out to new customers. Or in one job, help me find models/new faces for a campaign. Spent hours scouring the net!!!
    I only wish that Blogging had existed my hay day whilst i was still studying fashion. Ha!

    Anyhow, some blogger's perhaps already have an existing job in fashion/their own company/are designers/photog/MUA/Stylists/journalists etc and this is their way of expressing themselves, sharing thoughts/inspiration etc and some blogger's want to get into fashion.
    Let's not forget that recently 'The Glamourai', 'Cupcakes and Cashmere' and a few others landed and amazing Opportunity to design their 'own' bags for luxury brand Coach - both of whom have successful jobs as a result of brilliant blogging. All the same, it shows they love fashion!

    Blogging will definitely take you to new places for sure and you will get noticed too! If you're lucky, they might just find you and snap you up!

    Thanks for letting me ramble on!

    Have a fab day kitty Kat, filakia

  3. hey!
    thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours now too.
    nice blog ; )

  4. Great post! It's so encouraging!

    ♥ V

  5. you're totally right, bloggers have that power but it takes time, all those bloggers that are getting noticed started a long time ago and have been doing it for a while unless their intention for blogging was to get a job, then maybe...you forgot people like Andy of Scrapbook, Bryan of Bryan Boy and Chicmuse...who have been doing blogging for a long time and who get invited to shows and such 'cause they review shows and other stuff...!Amazing post...keep posting, was a very interesting read!


  6. I know all those bloggers you are talking about and I admire the work they are doing on their blogs! Just put here some other than reviewing fashion week jobs!Thank you for being here and encourage me!

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