Bloggers night out!

It was about time to meet with other bloggers and have a little talking about things in common! It was so much fun and I was so sorry that I had to leave earlier! But I left with he promise that we will meet again.... and again.
In the photo it's me, Victoria (e-shopping lover), Sandy( new kid on the fashion), Elena (the shopping queen of get it now), Frini (the common suspect), Maddie ( wardrobe recycle), Mairy (not a girl not yet a woman), Athena (las ninas y los ninos), Dindinaki (dare to be unique) and Eirini ( fashion designer, http://mysweetcase.blogspot.com/) and the photographer and comics lover of course (the amethyst and te emerald). Later we met Bianca and Ourania at  the Yes it Does, sure it does party!
I am so happy that I met all of you girls,hope to meet again soon!


  1. Epitelous i omadiki fotografia mas! Xa xa ki egw xarika poly pou gnwrisa esena kai ta alla koritsia. Elpizw na ta ksanapoume suntoma!

  2. Look at you lovely ladies! All looking gorgeous! Hope you had fun sweet pea!


  3. How fun! I wish there were more bloggeristas near me that I could get together with.

    ♥ V

  4. Kαι για εμένα ήταν μεγάλη χαρά!Και στα άλλα με το καλό!

  5. soooo sad i couldn't be there! work work work hate it!! την επομενη φορα ομως i'll be there! ;)

  6. poso xarika pou sas gnorisa girls!!!!

  7. Thank you girls for stopping by my blog! It was great indeed!Hope for more such lovely bloggers moments!

  8. Such a pleasant evening! Thanks ladies! Hope to see you again soon!


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