Well,hi guys and sorry for the lack of posts the past few days! First of all I want to thank you all for being here while I am not! It means so much to me the fact that there are people who spend some time to read my blog! Thank you all!
As I told you I am in Zakynthos, and I am posting from a corner in my room where I can have some wireless internet!  I am just showing you the blue water and I hope you are having a great time too!
Kisses from Zante! See you soon guys!
PS: I am eating all day, clothes wont fit after I leave here!


Ι know what you did last summer...

This is how I will spend my rest of the summer, based on my past!
I want to thank you all for being here commenting and following and participating in this blog! You are all so generous and kind and your presence here means a lot!  I'll be a bad bad blogger for a while! Hope you'll forgive me! I'll try to keep you updated! Lovelies I wish you have a fabulous summer full of new adventures! Don't forget to be positive and creative!
PS. Any traveling tips for Zakynthos?



Toi&moi exclusive preview!

Toi&moi had always been a favorite brand for me not only for the high quality clothes in reasonabe prices, but also because they are always so up to date with the international trends and they have clothes for every age! If I remember correctly , having passed through a very indian-rock teenage, my very first feminine outfit was from toi&moi and that makes the brand more favorite! Always stop by when go shopping, and find some cool stuff there!
Toi&moi couldn't have thought a better set of pictures to send me from their FW collection!
Love both styles, especially the grey jacket with the fur detail is my precious. Is it getting cold...? I think I am gonna have it soon!

You have seen them here first!
Thanks toi&moi!

Photographer: Tasos Vrettos
Styling: Ifigenia Mataraga
Concept-design: Yannis Kondylis from K2 Design


Happy Queen!

Why am I happy?

After this post by Ourania I couldn't miss the chance to visit Queen and see the beautiful pieces for myself! Like a step-in closet Queen is full of little treasures selected by its tasteful owner Konstantinos.

Lately Konstantinos joined the blog sphere by creating a blog just for us girls! By visiting Queen and letting him take some photos of you wearing Queeen's clothes and publish them on his blog you are instantly nominated as Queen and if he chooses you, you will be able to have a super offer. With every 100 euros you buy you will be given another 50 euros worth of items! Isn't this fabulous? Contact Konstantinos on facebook and let the game begin!

Surprises don't end here at Queen! At the moment there are Happy Sales at Queen up to 60% off! Aren't you excited yet? Well, if you say that you are a reader of this blog and purchase 100 euros worth items you will be given a gift 25 euros worth!

What else might I say to convince you visit Queen?

My favorites are the little black dress, but i guess you know this already if you are reading this blog,  the blouse with the shoulder pads, which is not a surprise as well, and the knitted dress with the magnificent back!Oh everything was fabulous!

Celebrity Skin,two in a gondola,EYEDOLL, Rene Derhy,TONY COHEN,Ian Mosh,Gypsy 05,Color Springles,Rosalita Mc Gee,Sweet Dreams,Les Petites ...,ba&sh,Mellow Yellow,Rebeca Sanver
Lola Cruz,Mina's,Meet The Cat,M C P

Queen :Drosini 9, Kifisiá, Greece, 14562 (Kifisia square)
Tel:+30 210 62 32 011


Bloggers night out!

It was about time to meet with other bloggers and have a little talking about things in common! It was so much fun and I was so sorry that I had to leave earlier! But I left with he promise that we will meet again.... and again.
In the photo it's me, Victoria (e-shopping lover), Sandy( new kid on the fashion), Elena (the shopping queen of get it now), Frini (the common suspect), Maddie ( wardrobe recycle), Mairy (not a girl not yet a woman), Athena (las ninas y los ninos), Dindinaki (dare to be unique) and Eirini ( fashion designer, http://mysweetcase.blogspot.com/) and the photographer and comics lover of course (the amethyst and te emerald). Later we met Bianca and Ourania at  the Yes it Does, sure it does party!
I am so happy that I met all of you girls,hope to meet again soon!


Audi A1 presentation!

So yesterday was an ordinary day for me! I just took my little boat, one of which are shown on the first picture and went for a ride! Nah I am just kidding! Truth is I did went for a ride with my bf at marina floisvou to check out the presentation of the new Audi A1. Well boyfriend says it's a cool car but I am just a girl dunno! I just liked the white stripe, stripes are in fashion, and its Valentino red! Although I wouldn't buy a red car! And of course I really liked the touch screen which as bf explained is a navigator, a sound system, dvd player blah blah blah! It's good for navigation but who needs a dvd player while traveling! Pff!


Bloggers rule in the fashion industry!

 After this interesting post of a brit greek I coudn't help but wonder how many bloggers do find jobs through their blogs? After a little research I found the most interesting things that bloggers do in fashion industry. Apart from Tavi who recently was employed to do styling for Christine Staub for the September issue of the magazine. [The Cut] , we have many other examples. The most outstanding one is that garance dore was recruited by love moschino to shoot its latest autumn/winter 2010 - 2011 campaign. Of course I couldn't leave out Rumi Neely of fashiontoast who was employed to model for forever 21 and can be seen at Times Square in New York. She also got to design her own line for rvca.  Hanneli Mustaparta is also employed from time to time as photographer, model etc. She was also assigned to design her own lipstick and she collaborates with vogue.com.  Of course there are many others like Face Hunter and PS I made this and the Sartorialist of course who now published books with material from their blogs. What more you want to be convinced that bloggers do have a heart for fashion?

Pictures belong to the corresponding blogs.


The smart shopping window!

 Few weeks ago I stumbled upon a very interesting site from a technological and fashion view! It's called fashinating and it's here to stay if you ask me. We are talking about a huge intelligent shopping window! With every click there is some kind of program that is used to form your taste and provide you with items that are of your liking! The items can be bought on the spot or if you want to shop more don't worry every click is being saved to your likes! You just click! And imagine that this is a greek innovation that has been chosen by open fund as one of the most innovative start ups! I find this clever and useful! I am a sucker for technological steps in fashion. Go guys! Spend hours of shopping without even making a step!

Fashinating in numbers:
Over 20.000 items
Over 3.500 fashion brands
22 item categories
items from 20 eshops
Products from 2 to 70.500 euros

For now login with your facebook account at Fashinating.

D E S i G N E R e a l S by Constandino Theodoulou!

 Constandinos Theodoulou, was born and raised in Cyprus in 1984 and studied Fashion Design and garment manufacture in Athens - Greece. He worked for Yiorgos Eleftheriades (Athens based designer), for a couple of years and then left to London for a while, in order to return and start up his own business, called DESiGNERealS Constandino Theodoulou. Fall/ Winter 2009/10 is his first running collection.

Pink Caro has the honor to present his last collection for Spring Summer 2010. I am saying last because unfortunately the talented young designer passed away from cancer on March 12 this year.

His last collection is influenced by Scandinavian lines and particularly from Finish industrial designer Tapio Wirkala.

If you feel allured by the presentation you can go see for yourself at Pink Caro and even get one creation!

Join facebook group D E S i G N E R e a l S Constandino Theodoulou for updates.

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