Swap not shop with the bloggers!

Well today we went to swap not shop event were I had the pleasant surprise to meet some fellow bloggers!
In the pictures you can see Princess Margot, Konstantina from Dare to be U-nique and kotitsa of course! Later we met Maria from Go stylsh and Christina from Life in style! More bloggers' moments coming up!
We had such a great time chatting about things in common and some girly stuff I am not aloud to tell so sssss!
The event was great but I had already given my old clothes to the church so I didn't swap anything, but the girls did, they surely did! You can see Hari from the soho symposium   diying some treausures! You can find out more at their posts later! I am really happy that I met you girls!


  1. ma eisai sifounassss!!!kai gw xarika toooooooooooso pou se gnwrisa kali mou neraida me to theiko sou karditsaki!!!comment astrapi kai efigaaaa mou kornaroun...xixiixixix...

  2. ontws sifounAS!!!8a ginei kataigismos apo posts!!8a gelasoume!
    k gw xarhka poly koritsia!!

  3. auti i galazia (poua isws) fousta pou foraei i kopela einai teleia!!!!

    ola fainodai fadastika!!!mallon perasate polu kala!

  4. I love the braid style you put on your hair, dear!!! =)

  5. That sounds like such an amazing event

  6. Giouxouuuuuu!!!!!!!

    Kai egw xarhka para para polu pou gnwristikame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Epishs na shmiwsw pws ontws eisai sifounas!!!!!!!

  7. i margarita vlepo se proto plano se oles tis fotos! ax poso telio ine na gnorizis kenouria prosopa!

  8. φαίνεται να περάσατε super!
    στεναχωριέμαι που το έχασα :\

  9. naiiiiii eutuxos pou ebgala ego photos lol

  10. Popo prepei na perasate teleia e????Pooooso zileuw pou den imouna ekei...Elpizw sto epomeno very soon!!!
    Ps:Katerinaki mou teleio to blog sou :D
    Filakia se olous :x :x

  11. -great blog,
    looks awesome!
    have agreat day(:

  12. hey...thanks for your comment...
    and thanks for following!
    You have a great blog too, with very unique ideas...
    i really think you should really move foward with your clothing desing... the drawing was awsome.. it really seems that you have got talent!!!
    Anyways...i am a brazilian, but i live here in Greece for quite a few years now...
    So lets keep in touch... i am kind of new to this blogging thing and would really love to learn much more...

  13. XAXAXAXA kataifaki mou giati me plhgoneis!!!!!!????!!!!! Esu pou hsouna gia na exoume kalo rothma?

    Katerina mou mhpws mporeis na mou steileis tis fwto?????!!!!!!!!!

  14. Great blog!

    I'm following you :)

    If you want to check out my blog it's http://www.all-of-your-beauty.com/

    We are having a giveaway for a Burberry 10 piece manicure set. Stop by for your chance to win ! :)

  15. oh wow!!! i have been wanting to attend a swap meet like this!! looks like a cool event!! great place to meet other fashion bloggers definitely :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. great event!;)


  17. Thank you girls for the comment!
    Margaritaki my princess I'll send you the photos along with my love! Hope to see you again soon!

  18. swapping clothes and meeting new people - what a great way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon! I arrived a bit late but still, people were happily diy-ing on that table till 22.00. See you at the next one;)

  19. Isn't it a great idea to swap stuff.??? Interesting..
    New here and liked it.. :)
    Do drop into my blog when you have time.. :)
    My Outfit at My Best Friend's Engagement

  20. great meeting you!

    and thanks for the post! :D

  21. true, so pity i didn't see you!!!! but i'm sure the meeting day will be coming soon!!!! till then, kiss kiss!

  22. oooooo ti kala pou perasate vre koritsia mpravo
    kisses :)


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