Say it on a T-shirt!

Ok this is officially my favorite event! An invitation I got from wonderful  designer Stelios Koudounaris! The say it on a T-shirt started here in Athens in Ermou street where a group of 10 people decided to write, draw their feelings, their thoughts using as canvas white T-shirts! 
If you are starting to feel a little jealous or sad cause you missed it, you can stop right now cause it's happening again!  This event an ispiration of Varnavas Filippou will create an urban laundry where people's messages, feelings, thoughts... whatever, will be hanging in an Athenian scenery! But it won't stop here! The laundry will travel in another European country to deliver the Athenian message!
The place: Kerameikos Square (metro Gazi)
The date: Saturday 3d July 
The time: 5-10pm
We will all meet there! Wear your most playful mood and come to the most creative event!


  1. Such a fun and unique idea! I haven;t decorated a shirt in years, but now I totally have the urge to have a DIY weekend and make something cool.

  2. Ooh, i was thinking about doing this the other day with a plain tee... great thinking! Thanks for sharing!

    Got a cake commission this sat for a Wedding but will try to come after!

    Also, will see if i can get to A.Bratis studio on Thursday!


  3. Now THAT is a cool event! I love what people have written on their shirts. Funny!

    ♥ V


  4. tha ta poume apo konta sto event...for sure!

  5. great event!I love it!Plus this is one of my favorite streets in Athens!


  6. Katerinaki mou zhleuw aperioristaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    An hmoun ekei tha egrafa kana dum spiro spero se tetoia fasi pou eimai twra bebaia alla einai super to event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Koita TI event xano!!!
    Teleia idea,teleia idea,teleia idea!!!


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