Greek Designers at MAD VMA!

I am very glad tha MAD Video music awards have been evolved over the years to be the number one summer event of the country and a celebration of the greek music! I got more happy when I realized that many celebrities were wearing greek designers' clothes and we must congratulate them and their stylists about this!

Vegas and Saya in magnificent Sotiris Georgiou outfits!
Tamta, Kalomoira, Lydia, Themis Georgantas and Isaias Matiampa in MI-RO outfits!
Eleonara Zouganeli in stunning Celebrity Skin!
Foureira in rocking tight playsuit and on stage with blue playsuit by Stelios Koudounaris !
Ivi Adamou in .LAK head to toe and on stage with magnificent Stelios Koudounaris!
Katerina Kainourgiou in Christoforos Kotentos dress!
Maria Mpakodimou in Levinia dress and Dukas shoes!
What was your favorite?
I guess there were many more outfits that I am not aware of! If you know any more Greek designers' outfits please make a comment below!

All photos are courtesy of MAD tv
Two last photos frm Studio Panoulis.
Second picture of Eleonora is from her facebook page .


  1. egw epa8a plaka me thn kalomoira!telos!

  2. fabulous post! everyone looks wonderful :) hope you're having a lovely week ♥

  3. I didn't watch the awards, but you did a great job noting down what Greek designers were preferred by our local showbiz. Kudos!

  4. Sotiris Georgiou for president. :)

  5. Polla like sto post! perimenw pws kai pws na dw ta mad otan ta deiksei kai h symvatikh tv..

  6. Fab post!!!
    You have lovely blog.


  7. Kalomira rulezzzz!!!!
    Trelo outfit!!!
    M'aresei para poli!

  8. The 2nd picture reminded me of the Blackeyed Peas!:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  9. a who-wore-what post! excellent!

    em, what can i add to this, let me see...

    ok. Sakis Rouvas wore Dimitris Kaidantzis of MWAPD! (I'm a sucker for both!)

  10. So stunning, everyone is freaking hot!

  11. heeey, thanks for your comment :)
    i eleonora itan thea ap'oti vlepo stis photos! im impressed that you knew all the designers too, bravo! x

  12. ta malia tis adamou (elpizo na leo sosta to onoma...mn ginome ke rezili)
    dn ine apiiiiistefta perasmenis dekaetias?? (aka afto to xtenisma to kaname epi dimotikou ade me diskolia gimnasio..)

  13. hi!!
    nomizw i merkouri forouse forema valtadoros!!!einai teleios sxediastis!!an kai den pairnw kai orko gia to sygkekrimeno, to eida feugalea.....

    valtadoros rocks!!

  14. I hate to disagree with you, but, besides what greek designers showed (that was good for award's peformance, but too extravagant for my taste), it was the worst dressed event ever!! I mean, I counted three singers (at least) wearing the lace/net/see-through bodysuit that J-Lo wore in her worst appearance ever, consequently showed in greek b-class porn star's body! And I don't want to believe that Tamta's net bodysuit was by MiRo -it takes a lot of effort to make Tamta look fat!

  15. Well I agree with you about the lace body! Disaster! But I liked Tamta's nude body! I found it elegant! I linked Foureira's stage outfit and the black body was superb, but she destroyed it wearing leggings with wedges! Well I think I kind of accept almost everything when it comes to stage performance!

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