The 3 words interview by Dimitris Strepkos of Celebrity Skin!

For me it all started at AXDW FW 10-11 when I first saw Celebrity Skin! It was love at first sight with this magnificent gray vest! I had to learn more... Then the Greek Idol launched where every Monday I was watching Ada Livitsanou in these amazing outfits that reminded me of something and I absolutely knew of what! Once you get into the spirit of Celebrity Skin's designs you never get out of it! Impossible to forget! So the story continues till yesterday when I saw Eleonora's Zouganeli outfit seen in this post. Ok it was about time to take action and find out more about the creative duo of Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla. I am lucky enough that Dimitris Strepkos found spare time in his busy and creative life to answer me these questions. I tried to keep it simple and interesting with this three words concept. Hope you like it!
Three words about Celebrity skin
Avant garde / Tim burton / glamorama

Three words about you.
Black / frozen / hard worker

Three favorite greek designers.
Maria mastori / Dassios / Ioannis Guia

Three favorite international designers.
Al.mc queenn / Rei kawakubo / Kokosalaki

Three top influences.
Theatre / art / music alternative

Three random things about you.
Vegeterian / non drinker / non smoker

Three things you can’t live without.
My brother Nik / Eleni mparla known as skin / My lovely cat avant garde

Three things about Eleni Mparla.
A good heart / A creative mind / A funny person

Three clues about your upcoming collection.
Its called Cemeterial Purity / Celebrity skin creates finally in white color /  And yes we remain axperimental.Avant garde with a a touch of commercial feeling.

Three dreams for the future.
To create strong fashion items / to continue to take risks / to all our fans out there ...DARE TO WEAR...DARE TO LIVE FREE

Ok Celebrity Skin we'll do dare to wear!
Did you enjoy this interview? I did a lot! Dimitris's answers are so inspiring!  Hope you like it guys!
Thanks a lot Celebrity Skin!

Second photo is from Dimitris Strepkos.
Photos of AXDW are from photographer Lena Marini
Photo of Dimitris Strepkos is from his facebook page.
Photos of Ada Livitsanou are from her facebook page.

Find Celebrity Skin on their facebook groupDimitris's Strepkos blog and browsing through greek fashion blogs provided on the right, which have several great posts about their work! And they do deserve a lot lot more!


  1. h alh8eia einai pws exei yperoxa foremata

  2. Thanks for sharing - awesome stuff!


  3. We love Celebrity Skin! I really enjoyed this interview, it was very interesting as you did it in 3 words! Congratulations

  4. PERFECT AND AMAZING!!and cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  5. gia ligo eleipse to dindinaki kai to katerinaki exei sarwsei ta posts...prwta gongrats gia tin sinenteu3h deuteron pooooso xarika pou evales ti foto mou sto header sou...eisai koiklitsa!!filakia katerinaki...aaa...steile mou msg ti exasa sti sinantisi pou den katafera na erthwwww...mouats!!

  6. Great Interview girl! and I love your new header....!

  7. Teleio mini interview!!


  8. nice pictures.

  9. I knew nothing about this guy...and you did such a good interview!

  10. ontws 8umizoune polu tim burton ta rouxa tou! kai polu kalh sunenteu3h! teleio!

  11. Πολυ καλη συντεντευξη---Love celebrity skin!
    u have a great blog!

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