Wet summer cinema!

Well, boys love adventure movies and girls love Russel Crowe(not more than Johnny Depp of course). That's why Robin Hood is a good choice for a movies junkie couple! But before you decide to go to a summer cinema mind the weather! We did but we were already excited with the idea of open cinema with beers that we just said ok weather might show mercy! But it didn't! The movie was really good by the way except for a scene where Robin emerged from the water which was fun actually! I must tell you that I am really happy cause I found the materials I was looking for in my previous post here so more DIYs to come and maybe a giveaway! Vote your favorite DIY of my previous ones and maybe I'll make something similar to give you guys! And here is the question,does your boyfrien like stripes? Mine doesn't. Actually he claims that I seem like a prisoner! Pff boys...!


  1. love the stripes skirt & the cute slipper


  2. Love your skirt!!
    My friends (boys) doesn't like floral print at all.. but they like stripes, I think xD

  3. Hi! I liked your image, especially the skirt )))

  4. I love the background! I'm really inspired by graffiti and urban philosophy! Great post!
    Keep blogging!

    xo Athena


  5. I love the stripes! your skirt is so cute and the structure is fabulous. Looks like a very fun movie night. And thank you for following and your lovely comment :) I will definitely be following as well!

    xoxo Kayla


  6. ayth h fousta poly mou aresei~

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