A Visit to the Acropolis

I am one of those Greek that I live in Athens for five years and I had never visited Acropolis! Shame on me, I admit! And now that I did I am telling you I didn't want to leave! There is something so peaceful and sacred up there that makes it hard for everyone not to be his better self! Thinking that so many great individuals had walked the same soil, had looked at the same marbles, had conceived some great ideas in the same area, makes you realize how small you are! We failed to visit the museum because it was closed but we will definetely do another time! If you haven't visited Acropolis yet, do it! By the way take a look at this interesting campaign that we should all sign either we are greek or not : Bring them Back. There is a very informative and clever video with English translation too!

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  1. how awesome! I have been a few times, but my husband only went for the first time with me tow years ago when he was 33!

    I'm itching for a trip there again. And I love going up through the village side.

  2. Amazing photos!!!!!!
    Love them all!!!
    I want to steal this bag from your closet!!!! :p

  3. OMG what an amazing view...wish someday that i'll be able to visit there too~
    anyway cute white top (^.^) simple & chic & of coz always comfortable to throw on a pair of jeans


  4. m areseii polu t a3esouar st mallia..

  5. What breath-taking pictures. I felt as if I were visiting there myself.

    You're right. I felt some of the same thoughts just looking at the pictures. How much more intense the feeling must have been to actually stand there.

    The view from the Acropolis is awesome. But from the look on your face in that one photo, the view looked as if it might be also an inward one.

    Thank you very much for these pictures. And thank you for visiting my blog and following. Roland

  6. Acropolis is the best thing in our city. The best. We should be proud of the monument and its surroundings. I paid often visits back in the future, I haven't visited it though for 2 years. Next time hope I'll go with my little son. I want to show him all these great things that Greeks did in the past. These monuments are part of our culture, our history

  7. Love the view but mostly I love you!
    Greek goddess!!!

  8. Beautiful photos!! I love your outfit!


  9. oh how i wish to go back!visited athens 2 years ago and i just loveeeeeee!!!


  10. Oh my! This place is sooooo beautiful!
    Love the pics! =)

  11. teleia,teleia,teleia!thanks god we're greeks!!!a visit to the museum definitely!!!(o.k.for the time being let's enjoy sex and the city movie;))

  12. exw thn idia kordela kai dn thn exw foresei akomh thn kratw gia kalokairinh emfanish eisai apisteuth etsi opws thn foreses well done!

  13. Υπέροχο το Μπλογκ σου και εξαιρετικές οι φωτογραφίες σου. I ma now your follower! Χαίρομαι που σου αρέσουν τα Ταξιδιωτικά

  14. Oh my God! You look just like a Karyatis with a headband!


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